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1Here in the Midwest birds are quite a nuisance to pools. They like to be near water and find it a great place to get a quick drink. I have found that those plastic owls that you can buy at any home and garden store are very effective. You need one and place in on your fence or nearby. Birds don't like something that looks threating to them. 2eliminate their perch. such as put a thin wire to keep them from sitting there. 3Get a water friendly cat.

There is a product on Ebay for keeping birds from making a mess on your mailbox.

Keep birds from perching and pooping on your mailbox. This simple product actually works. Hooray! No more bird droppings to clean off.

The Bird-Deter is available at a little better price at the Bird-Deter website.

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Q: How do you keep birds from pooping on your wooden fence railings?
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