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Use gutter guards or Fencing that allows water to flow, but nothing else. You have to block up eves with wood or something else. Hang a plastic owl

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Why do birds roosting on a electrical wire have an equal distance between them?

They have equal distance between them to keep balance.

How do you keep chickens from pulling out each others feathers?

There are two main reasons they do this. The usual culprit is too much light when they are roosting at night. The coop needs to be very dark with no lights inside overnight. The other main reason is overcrowding. Provide more roosting space or reduce the size of the flock. Chickens roosting in limited space maintain the "pecking order" and the lower ranked birds get on the roost with the "boss" birds then get picked on.

How do you keep birds from building nests on the porch?

There are plastic spikes to prevent them from roosting. You just cut with scissors 7 glue on with liquid nails. Search "bird spike".

What trap is used for birds?

They generally aren't trapped. Most all species federally protected and those that aren't and are a nuisance there is poison and also preventive devices to keep them from roosting, those legal to hunt generally are not trapped alive.

What do you use to get rid of seagulls?

They are protected but you can keep them from roosting with bird spike or similar then they should go away

How do you keep birds away from your balcony?

No I am not I like birds.

What are birds covered with to keep them warm?

Birds are covered in feathers

How can you keep chickens from roosting on the edge of nesting boxes and thus pooping in them?

you cant Try cover the nesting boxes in the evening before they go in to roost.

My mint has died for no apparent reason so What kills mint?

Mint is hard to get rid of. I suggest pulling it out and keep a watchful eye out for new spouts.

Will a gnome keep birds off your grass?

No, birds will just land on it.

How can you keep birds from getting trapped in your bird netting?

You can keep birds from getting trapped in bird netting by removing the netting or using a color of netting that the birds can see.

Why do the chubby birds and penguin keep themselveswarm in the icy shores of Antarctica?

Possibly you meant "How do the birds keep warm . . ."? As for why they keep themselves warm, it is to stay alive.

What birds can you keep indoors?


What birds can you keep indoors except budgies?

You can keep myna birds, parrots, canary, finches, caiques, and quite a few others.

How do birds keep dry in the rain?

Birds keep dry in the rain because their feathers have a certine oil on them.Water just slides past the oil leaving the birds nice and dry

Why do birds keep flying into your car windshield?

Because birds travel slower than your car. Maybe the question should be: "Why do I keep hitting birds with my car's windshield". Just a thought.

How is your body protected by the immune and integumentary system?

it helps keep your body nice and clean or sometin like dat wat eves im only 13!

How can you keep cats away from birds?

Unless you keep the cat indoors at all times, you cannot keep them away from birds. Cats have a natural instinct to hunt. You can't really combat this.

What pets do Chinese people keep?


Why do birds keep pecking at the windows?


How do birds insulation keep them warm?

with wings

What would keep birds away from my dog food and pool?

If they are wild birds, keep the dog food INSIDE. they should not bother the pool, though.

How do you keep birds off your children's play gym?

Check the local hardware store for a plastic owl. This will keep birds away. No poison too.

Why do birds turn there eggs periodically?

so that their baby's will develop properly , if your told its to keep them warm its wrong , ( birds sit on the eggs to keep them warm).

What is the place for keeping many birds?

An aviary is a place for keeping many birds.