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There was a product called "no more ducks" that broke the water tension that enabled ducks to float. It was withdrawn from the market 12 months ago and has not been sited since. Does anyone no why? It was very effective in keeping the ducks out of the pool as they could not get comfortable in the pool and flew off.

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Loud sudden noise, something to irritate or make the birds uncomfortable being there. Once their offspring have hatched they become imprinted on that body of water and will come back for years rearing their young. It takes persistance.


Several years ago a pool company told us to buy a alligator blow up and float it in the pool, WE HAVE HAD ZERO DUCKS SINCE THEN. WE TIE IT TO THE SIDE AND ALLOW IT ROOM TO MOVE AROUND. THIS WORKS.

No more ducks is still available..... at least here in Australia. We also have a new product called Duck Solution (ducksolution.com.au) and it is used if the ducks are hanging around poolside and fouling the area. Once they got a taste and smell of it they left. They have not returned. I think they went down the street. Anyway not here.

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Why is there chlorine in swimming pools?

To keep the swimming pools clean, so they don't get any nasty bacteria in them.

Keep ducks away from swimming pool?

There are a number of different methods you could use to keep ducks away from your swimming pool. You could for example cover or drain your pool when you are not using it.

Is used in swimming pools to keep out bacteria?

Sodium hypochlorite can be used.

Why swimming pools have chlorine?

to keep the water clean and kill germs

What chemical is added to swimming pools to keep water clean?

Chlorine is generally added to swimming pools and other water attractions in order to keep the water clean. Doses of chlorine typically come in small tablets.

What gas is used to keep swimming pools clean?

Chlorine gas isdissolved into the water to chlorinate it this is also what happens in saltwater pools.

What is the element that is used in swimming pools to keep out bacteria?

Sanitizer. There are many options of sanitizers for pools ex: chlorine, bromine, copper, etc...

Keping raccoons from drinking from the swimming pool?

There is nothing you can do to the water itself to keep them out. Leslie's Pools sells a net that you can cover your pool with. Once they get the message that the water is not accessible, you should be able to remove it. This is also a good solution for ducks.

What are the uses for the element chlorine?

Chlorine is used mainly to keep swimming pools clean and sterile (:

Can you keep a pet fish in a swimming pool?

No you can not. Pools contain Chlorine. That would kill the fish.

How do you keep ducks away from a swimming pool?

You cannot stop ducks from flying over the fence and into the pool. You can however treat the issue successfully and force the ducks to move on. Kings Duck Solution is the answer. Michael

Which chemical is added to water in swimming pools to keep the water clean?

Chlorine and bromine for desinfection (characteristic smell)

What element helps keep swimming pools clean?

Sanitation (chlorine, bromine, Baquacil, algaecide, etc) and filtration

Why do maggots suddenly appear in swimming pools?

Probably not maggots but mosquito larva. Need to keep your chlorine in check.

What element do people put in swimming pools?

Chlorine is the most used (to disinfect and keep clean), but Bromine is also used.

How do you keep flies away from swimming pools?

hey put alayer of oil on the pool n lay it 4 2 days untouched the flies will keep then

Is there any way to keep frogs away from swimming pools?

There is a solution! A new invention that allows frogs to escape from dying in inground pools. It is called the Critter ... How do you keep frogs away form pool? How do you keep frogs out of the pool? How can you deter tree frogs from pool?

Can dogs drink waterfrom a swimmimg pool?

That is not a good idea, swimming pools have chemicals in them to keep them clean and they would not be good for a dog.

How do you keep ants out of your swimming pool?

One way to keep ants out of swimming pools is to have a place for people to wash their feet before they get into the pool. Another way is to treat the lawn with a pest control herbicide before putting up the pool.

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