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There is no way to "keep from being sued". Anyone can file a lawsuit. It is done millions of times, all over the country, everyday. If you are being sued over an unpaid debt, one way to prevent the lawsuit would be to pay the debt. Your other choice is to answer the lawsuit with an affirmative defense. Such a defense might include reasons like: Debt is time-barred (past state statute of limitations for a lawsuit), merchandise or service was faulty/defective/unacceptable (be ready to provide proof), or proper court/notification/legal procedures were not followed. If your defense to the suit is "I can't pay", don't waste your time. Your creditor is suing you because you promised to repay the money you borrowed. You would want your money back if you lent to someone else. And, they CAN decide they want payment in full, if you have defaulted on the terms of your loans in past.


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