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If they're eating kumquats, they're not "geckos" who eat only bugs and critters; maybe you've got a "chupa-quat" in your yard...take a picture and get an ID.

* Although they are mostly insectivorous, some geckos have been known to include fruit in their diet and to drink nectar. It would, though, be unusual for them to eat so many that it becomes a problem, but it could be possible. Hopefully the questioner can provide more information.

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How do geckos keep their eyes moist?

Geckos keep their eyes moist by licking them

When to harvest kumquats?

Kumquats should be harvested when they are yellow - green in color. They keep on ripening even after harvesting and that is why they should not delay before being picked.

Do geckos die in the winter?

For wild Geckos: No, they hibernate. For pet Geckos: Not if you keep the vivarium the right temperature.

How do geckos keep warm?

the sun

Why are geckos cold blooded?

becase geckos can't keep their body they rely on the sun or any kind of heat

How geckos body keep safe from predators?


Do geckos have eyelids?

Some do but alot of them don't. Some like the leopard geckos, fat tail geckos, cat geckos, and more do have eyelids. Crested geckos, tokay geckos, banana geckos, and more do not have eyelids. The ones that don't have eyelids lick their eyes to keep them moist and, they have a sort of outer shell and to moisten their eyes they lick them

Can you keep leopard geckos with Madagascar day geckos?

This is some reasons a leopard geckos and Madagascar day geckos can't live together: #1: Madagascars have a different environment than leopard geckos. Madagascar day geckos live in tropical conditions and leopard geckos live in desert conditions. #2 they would be fighting because they are territorial.

How do you keep a hamster from eating her young?

Keep them separated a much as possible. Putting them together only for feeding. Separate cages would be optimal.

How do you keep leopard geckos from mating?

Putting them in deferent tanks is about all you can do to keep them from mating. lol

Do you need a license to keep marbled geckos?

Marbled geckos are very common in the reptile hobby and there are no CITES laws or protection on this species. Usually a license is required to keep venomous or endangered species.

Can you keep a female gecko and a male gecko together?

Yes, you can keep a male gecko and a female gecko together. However, do not do so if you are not willing to care for any and all eggs/young geckos that come from it! Don't expect your geckos to not breed, because they will. Also, make sure your habitat is large enough for both of them, and they're both the same species!

What is a reptile that people keep as pets?

Iguana Snake Gecko Chaneloeon Alligator ......... snake iguana gecko chameleon frog alligator

How hot are you supposed to keep a leopard geckos cage?

80 degrees.

What other species can leopard geckos live with?

Do not! I repeat: do not mix leopaard geckos with Any Other species of lizard! They will fight till death of one, the other, or even both! If only one dies, the other will undoubtably be seriously injured! Plus, different species of lizards need a different requirements, leopard geckos are desert types, so you should not pot a Chinese water dragon with it.I have seen pet stores keep young panther geckos with young leopard geckos. but as they grow older they will fight and even kill eachother. If you want to put two or more geckos together you should only put females together (if you put a male with females it is very likely that they will lay eggs). NEVER put two males together.

Why do hamster moms put pups into their mouth?

Mother hamsters out their young in their mouth to keep them out of danger, to keep them warm or to keep them from fighting with each other. And no, the mother's are not eating them: the dad does that. That is another reason why the mom's keep them in their mouth.

Can having a healthy eating diet keep you looking younger?

A healthy diet will make you look younger because you will have more energy to keep in shape. If you keep in shape you will always look young and fit.

Can you keep leopard geckos with an iguana?

NOOOOO!!!!! That is a big no no the iguarna will kill or eat the gecko!!

What geckos relate to the leopard gecko?

From experience of keeping leopard geckos i have found that the African fat-tailed gecko is the most related, actually you can keep these to lizards together and they will be fine

Do you spray leopard geckos before feeding them?

No, that would merely annoy them. Provide leopard geckos with a humid hide, and keep a small shallow dish of water available for them at all times.

Your guppy fry keep exaping from the breeding tank what should you do?

Most livebearers breeding tanks are designed to keep the adult in and let the youngsters out. The idea is to stop the adult (mother) from eating her young.

Can you put a male leopard gecko with a female?

If you want to breed them. Leopard geckos reach maturity at about 9 months old, and a male can have several females. Beginning about 3 to 4 weeks after mating, the female gecko will have a clutch of eggs, usually 2, that hatch in about 2 months. You would be advised to keep male geckos away from the eggs and the young hatchlings.

Can leapord geckos eat baby food?

Fruit baby food is acceptable. However, be warned that some geckos will get snotty and refuse to eat anything else. It is a good idea to mix in some supplement powder specially made for leopard geckos to keep your pet healthy.

Can you place a crested gecko adult with a baby crested gecko?

You should generally not, because crested geckos can sometimes be cannibalistic and eat their young. You should put them in a separate cage for a while, and even after that you should keep them in a separate enclosure.

How long do wild leopard geckos live?

the wild leopard geckos live about 12 years depending on their habitat. if you keep a leoprad gecko it will live for more than 22 years, if fed correctly.