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How do you keep honey bees away from your pool?

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June 03, 2005 7:15PM

Someone either has a hive nearby (go looking) or you have some nice fragrant flowers near your pool. I live in Canada, and we've noticed not only many more bees, but also wasps. Wear light clothing (don't wear colorful clothing) and get rid of any sweet smelling flowering bushes, flowers in pots and snoop around the area to see if there is someone raising bees. Some people will raise bees and then abandon the beehives. The bees don't know the difference! I am sure you know the difference between bees (yellow/black striped, most of the time), but be sure they aren't wasps. Wasps will build large nests in trees, bushes, off the side of your house or any building in the area. Take a good look around all buildings on your property and if you find one get an exterminator in. If all else fails it's time to figure out a way to build a large open cabana with bug netting around your pool. That will keep the little flying devils away from you. Good luck Marcy