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How do you keep somebody you care for?

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Treat them the way they want to be treated, and be faithful to them.

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Will your cat go missing when you are on holiday?

if you leave them with nobody and there outdoors they might or you can have somebody take care of them an keep them indoors till your back

Which is love?

when you care deeply about somebody

Can somebody care?

Someone always cares

Why do people kick each other?

because they are angry sad or got a unhappy face or somebody has done something bad to them or somebody they care about because they are angry sad or got a unhappy face or somebody has done something bad to them or somebody they care about

How do horses take care of babies?

When horses have foals(babies) they feed(nurse), groom(clean), and keep an eye on their foal. People also have a part in this, somebody has to help the mare give birth, and somebody has to wean the foal and people do that.

How do you get over a relationship?

i believe that you never really get over somebody, until you find somebody that you care about more.

How should you answer when somebody say take care?

"And you" is nice.

Who has a birthday on the 11 of June?

somebody who doesn't care to answer!

Why their are relation of safety and hygene?

Because if you care about each other you care about her health and safety if somebody wouldn't than he/she dint care

Is it legal for the health department to keep somebody quarantine?

No it is not

Who would care for you if you were wounded in the civil war?

somebody in a field hospital

Where can you find printable Punjabi worksheets?

i dont care somebody else answer it

Why do people crave for love?

They just want somebody to be there for them and just to care for them..

What is power of attorney for?

You can use a health care power of attorney to grant somebody the authority to make health care decisions for you.

What is an emailbox?

a emailbox is something which keep your emails.example when somebody send you an email,the email that the person had send to you will go into your email emailbox.or for the next reason is that you keep your email that somebody gave you into the emailbox.

What kind of health care providers does the company Maxim work with?

can somebody answer the question for me

How do you convince somebody to ask you what you want for Christmas?

keep talking about Christmas

What should you do if you like somebody and they are already going out with somebody else?

Keep looking for someone else who is not taken. There are plenty more to chose from, honestly.

Will having herpes simplex 2 keep you from working as a health care provider?

No it will not keep you from working as a health care provider.

What do you call somebody who doesn't keep their promises?

Not reliable, or some you can't count on.

What are the dimensions of Warwick Castle?

I dont care but if you really want to know, ask somebody who cares!

Can 3 week old pups survive without their mother?

Not on their own, but they can if somebody takes care of them.

How do ostrich's care for their young?

they keep them in a nest that is how a ostrich care for it's young

How do you babysit your friends hermit crab?

keep it in its cage with all it needs.or pay somebody to do it for you

In evony i keep losing my armyl?

It might be that somebody invaded you and killed all your men.

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