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I can't tell you how but I can say you have an electrical problem. There is something shorting out also there should be other accesories not working that are on the same fuse

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โˆ™ 2006-10-25 23:06:22
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Q: How do you keep the interior light fuse from blowing on a 1995 Lincoln Continental?
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What brand and type of brake light for 99 Lincoln Continental?

3157 - See sources and related links for picture, specifications and 1999 Lincoln Continental full light bulb list.

Why does your 1989 Lincoln mark 7 got a check turbo light in it?

the Lincoln continental shares the same dash with the mark series. The continental had a 2.3 turbo as an available option.

Why is the engine light on but the emission place said there are no codes for the engine light why is the light still on 1999 Lincoln continental?

If the light is on and there are no codes, you have a computer failure.

1997 Lincoln Continental abs why does the brake peddal shudder but light is not on?

Where is abs fuse at

Where is under front hood light in 1998 Lincoln Continental?

I believe from 94 to 02 Lincolns do not have a light under the hood.

Why does my 2001 Lincoln continental service engine light is on and idles erractly?

Needs a Tune up

How do you change the brake light in a 1992 Lincoln Continental?

remove the trunk lining or bend it back easy where the brake light is to access it and change it out.

Why does your anti lock brake light stay on on your 95 Lincoln continental?

its a speed sensor. about 95$ plus labor

How do you change the light behind the clock in a 99 Lincoln continental?

You can not just change the bulb. You need the whole clock

Why do the interier light go on and off in my 2000 Lincoln continental?

the keypad on the door is no good. either replace it or disconect it

What does it mean when the check transmission light cames on in a 1999 Lincoln Continental?

It means check your transmission, why not start with the oil.

How do you change the tail light or brake light on a 2001 Lincoln Continental brake light?

You have to remove the trunk liner from the rear of the car,and then remove the three bolts that hold the taillight into place.

Why would the air bag light be blinking code 36 on a 2001 Lincoln Continental?

There is a problem with the SRS...have a dealer check it.

How do you start the engine of a 1995 Lincoln when anti theft light is flashing?

How can I start the engine on a Lincoln town car. I accidently caused the horn to keep blowing and I kept pushing buttons on the remote until it quit blowing. Then the anti theft lights were flashing on the dash and the engine would not start.

1995 Astra fuse keeps blowing for clock hazards horn interior light any ideas?

Had the same prob with mine it was the inter light at the back was touthing the metal work hope this helps

What does the dsl light mean in a 92 Lincoln Continental?

Are you sure you do not mean DCL? Data Control Link (DCL message center)

Where is the 1992 s10 blazer interior light in-line fuse?

There should not be one for the interior light.

What is the function of interior light in refrigerator?

The function of the interior light is so that you can see inside your fridge.

How do you replace the rear outside brake turn indicator bulbs on a 1997 Lincoln Continental?

Some are accessable from the trunk. If not, take the light assy off.

How did explorers light the interior of their wooden ships?

Oil lamps were typically used to light the interior of ships.

Why does interior light stay on vw?

One of the door switches could be stuck. Or the interior light switch could be going bad. See if the open door light is staying on, of if the interior light switch seems stuck or loose.

What is the temperature in the continental rise?

how much light does the continental rise

How do you change a rear turn signal bulb on a 1996 Lincoln Continental?

Open the trunk. Take out 2-3 bolts and the entire tail light will slide out the back. pull the bulb out of the back of the tail light

How do you replace a signal light bulb on a 1996 Lincoln continental?

If its the same as the mark viii then you would have to replace the bulb by removing the light that is held in with 4 or 5 screws then you can take out all wires and bulbs you need to.

You keep blowing the brake light fuse in your focus?

Are both your brake lights blowing out? If it affects only one light: it could be a bad light socket, or a pinched or frayed wire that is shorting out.