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I would try to use small tack welds all the way around the latch if I had to weld it...but my advice is to hold the fuel door in place, or have someone hold it for you, and then drill two small holes through the hinge and into the body of the car, and screw two small metal screws into place. If the heads of the screws are getting in the way, you can grind them down with a small rotary tool or likewise to where about 1mm is left of the screw, and that should solve your problem.

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Q: How do you keep the paint from burning off the fender and door when welding a broken fuel door hinge?
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How do you remove rusted front door in a 1993 dodge caravan the bolts are under the fender. does the fender have to be removed.?

the fender must be well loosened or removed to get to the hinge bolts

If your driver side door is loose and you have to slam it to close how do you tighten it up to make it like the passenger side?

Have someone lift and shake the door while you watch the hinges to see if they are loose. If the hinge pins are worn, the door will sag and make it difficult to close. You also may need to replace the nylon bushing on the door strik pin if there has been too much weight when the door closes. The strike pins can be replaced but if you haven't already done one, you might want to have someone help you or do it for you. It happened to me. If you open the door, lift up and down on the bottom of the door to see if it loose where the door hinge is bolted to the fender. If it loose where it is bolted to the fender, you will need to tighten the bolts. If the nuts are stripped in the fender, take it to the body shop. What was stripped in my door was the nuts inside the fender that the bolts went into. You could just have a stripped bolt. I had the choice of taking off the whole fender to fix it or weld the door hinge tho the fender. I chose to have the body shop weld the hinge (much cheaper). They did a perfect job welding the hinge so the door fit and matched perfect. I bought the car used and the fit was better that when I bought it.

How do you repair a broken door hinge on a 1991 Cherokee Briarwood where it should be welded onto the frame?

To repair a broken door hinge on a 1991 Cherokee Briarwood, a new piece of metal should be welded in to hold the hinge. Then, a new hinge should also be welded in that is aligned with the door pin.

How much will it cost for you to send in your ds to fix a broken hinge?


Where is the single wire in line spout connector on 93 f150?

Drivers side fender well by the hood hinge

How do you get the pivot or rivet off of the passenger side hood hinge of a 92 Olds 98 so you can replace the broken hinge?

If it is a rivet, then you must drill the old rivet out.

How do you fix a broken hinge on x-cargo sport-20?

Order it from e-trailer

How do you replace upper door hinge on 1996 Chevy blazer?

This is the most difficult hinge to replace on that vehicle. The original hinge is welded in place. The replacement hinge bolts in. In order to gain access to the back side of the hinge that is welded to the cab the entire dash assembly needs to be removed. Many times the original hinge can be rebuilt in place with pin and bushing kits and a little welding and drilling of the holes if they are damaged/oblonged. You will need a special tool to r&r the door hinge spring. This tool is available from your local auto parts store for less than $20.

Why does one buick regal doors have no power at all?

Broken wire in hinge area of door

2004 Chevy 3500 express van with the swing out side doors how do you get the rusted hinge pin out?

I had one person heat the hinge with a welding torch until it was cherry red, and then I used an air chisel to inch it out. We did this back and forth getting about an 1/8 of an inch each time. Replace with a new hinge and use the pins with a grease fitting.

How do you adjust the front fender on an 1981 camaro it is rubbing on the door?

by using only the information given, your answer is to replace the lower door hinge pin and bushing.

What do you do when you are doing a laptop hinge repair?

I believe your question is how you go about repairing the hinge on your laptop. To answer that question, the hinge is the part that holds the laptop open when you lift it. To get a basic, but effective method to repair it, check out eHow's topic "How to Repair a Broken Dell Laptop Hinge". Although it states its for Dell laptops, it is effective for other types of laptops as well.

How do you fix a broken upper hinge driver door1998 blazer?

i replaced mine, just buy a new one and hammer the old one out, have someone help you do it, you position the hinge they move the door in place

How do you replace left hood hinge on dodge ram 2500?

Raise the hood and support it in the center with a stick between the lock and radiator support. The opposite hinge will keep the hood up, for the most part. Have a folded towel or blanket to protect the fender and windshield from the rear corner of the hood. Remove the 2 nuts holding the hood to the hinge. Lift the hood corner to free the studs from the hinge, keeping control of the hood to rest it on the blanket. Now you can remove the 3 bolts holding the hinge to the body. Two bolts on the top of the hinge are accessible from the outside; the third, bottom bolt is accessed from the engine compartment. Reverse procedure to install the new hinge.

How do you remove right front fender on 2003 civic?

The right front fender on the 2003 Honda Civic is held on by several mounting bolts and screws. Raise the hood and loosen the bolts. Raise the vehicle and remove the wheel to reach the bolts in the wheel weld. Remove the bolts inside the door hinge and the screws on the bumper. Remove the fender.

How do you repair a door hinge on a 1989 Chevy Beretta?

Buy a new hinge from the dealership it should cost about 20 - 25 dollars. you will get the upper and lower hinge for either the driver or passenger door. there are only four bolts holding each hinge on . use a marker to mark where the old hinge was then take off the old one. you can do this with the door being ajar but i am told that it is easier with the front fender off. it will probablly take two people to do this. I would also suggest that you purchase the haynes manual for the car they are very useful.

Repairing door hinges 1990 Lincoln Town Car?

NOTE: Front and rear door hinge checks can be removed and installed using the same procedure. NOTE: The front door hinge check can be serviced without removing the complete hinge assembly. Perform the following procedure: Removal 1. Open door with broken hinge check. 2. Remove exposed hinge-to-body retaining bolt and retain. 3. Insert a chisel, 267mm (10-1/2 inches) long with a 19mm (3/4 inch) cutting blade, between hinge half on body and back side of hinge check. Hammer until chisel unseats rivet securing hinge check-to-body side hinge. 4. Remove broken hinge check and discard. Installation 1. Loosely place new door check and elastomer reinforcement into body door hinge. 2. Install door hinge-to-body retaining bolt to secure new hinge check and reinforcement-to-body side hinge. Tighten bolt to 25-35 N-m (19-25 lb-ft).

How do you replace the door catch on a Volvo s70?

This link is titled "door hinge", but actually pertains to the catch-strap:

What are some example sentences using the word joint?

My joints help me move.

Does the door hinge adjust where the hinge is attached to the hinge post?

door hinges attached to door and hinge post

Is the hood hinge the thing that connects the hood to the fender?

Yes, the hood hinges bolt to the hood and then go down and bolt underneath of the cowl that runs across the front of the engine compartment.

Is a hinge an immovable joint?

A hinge joint is not immovable. A hinge joint has one plane of motion. A good illustration of a hinge joint is the knee joint.

Is hinge a immovable joint?

A hinge joint is not immovable. A hinge joint has one plane of motion. A good illustration of a hinge joint is the knee joint.

How do you replace the gas tank cover on a Volvo wagon?

Buy a new plastic hinge Volvo part number 31265160. To replace the hinge, push the two center pins through using a punch. This will free up the broken hinge and you can remove it. Attach the new hinge to the door, then set the grommets into the openings and push the pins in to retain the grommet. BE CAREFUL NOT TO PUSH THE PINS TOO FAR. All they need to be is flush with the grommet.

How do you replace ford explorer rear window hinge?

To replace the Ford Explorer rear window hinge, you have to buy a similar window hinge. Use a screwdriver to open the hinge and replace the hinge but fitting it in the window.