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If you still have the old mast, compare the length of the with the new mast. If the old one is a lot shorter (the cable), it's possible that it broke off and the piece is still inside the spool. You have to remove it by removing the whole antenna assembly, remove the spool cover (3 screws) and remove the broken off piece. Replace the cover and put the assembly back. (You might want to put some fresh all purpose grease to have a smooth operation)... *With the ignition in ACC position and unit set to radio, the motor should run and turns off after couple of seconds.....Take the new mast, insert the cable thru with the gears facing the rear of the vehicle, get somebody to turn the key to off position and push the cable in until the sprocket catches it and retracts the new mast (make sure that the gear is still facing the rear of the car). Once wound into the spool, install the antenna retaining nut even the antenna is not fully retracted. Extend and retract the antenna few times until the gears syncronizes and the antenna retracts fully........

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Q: How do you keep the replacement mast from falling off lmotor keeps running?
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