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I used a small dab of permatex or similar sealant on flange of t-stat to hold it in place. Make sure surfaces are clean.

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Q: How do you keep the thermostat in the proper mounting position when replacing it on a 1993 4.9L F150 since it won't stop leaking?
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Could a faulty thermostat cause a water pump to leak in a 2000 ford escort zx2?

no if the pump is leaking it is bad and nedds replacing

Why is my 95 Monte Carlo leaking water from behind the thermostat?

thermostat gasket probably leaking. replace thermostat and gasket making sure that thermostat housing is flat.

If your thermostat is bad will you leak coolant from the water pump area?

only if the gasket under thermostat is leaking and may-be it's the hose clamp on the hose that is leaking

Nissan Xterra heater blows cold air?

Check your coolant levels, and check your thermostat - it may need replacing. Also check your heater hoses to ensure they're not leaking.

What is the cost of replacing a leaking radiator?

$10.00---in habersham

Why is your 1994 Toyota Celica overheating?

Blown head gastet, radiator leaking, thermostat needs to be replaced Blown head gastet, radiator leaking, thermostat needs to be replaced

Why is antifreeze leaking near thermostat?

Failed seal. Replace it.

Why does your 91 acura legend over heat I changed the thermostat water pump is not leaking it happens when I am idled in park the temp gauge rises?

Radiator may be plugged or restricted and need boiling out or replacing

Coolant leak behind thermostat housing 94 Toyota 4 Runner?

The housing retainer bolts are loose or the gasket has deteriorated. If replacing the gasket, use pliable gasket sealant to improve the seal. it could also be the water pump went bad and leaking water down beside the thermostat. the thermostat is part of the water

Why overflow leaking after replacing throttle cables on your 883 Harley?

float overflowing after replacing throttle cables / why?

You used water in your leaking radiator for 2 monthscan this damage the thermostat in a caravan 2002?

Running it while leaking can cause it to overheat repeatedly, which can cause thermostat damage , along with other problems.

Why does the temperature light on a 1989 Olds Cutlass Ciera come on for a few minutes then go off after the water pump was replaced if there is no smoke or leaking and the car does not run badly?

You may want to consider replacing the thermostat.

How can you fix a leaking from thermosat?

Replace the thermostat housing seal or gasket.

What do you check if your water is leaking out your car and running hot?

Thermostat and radiator

Transmission fluid leaking from fitting below radiator cap after replacing radiator on 99 surburban?

"transmission fluid leaking from fitting below radiator cap after replacing radiator on 99 surburban

Why Porsche 944 overheating in traffic okay on open road?

Hello. Mine had the same problem after replacing the waterpump. The thermostat is fitted in the pump manifold, with some shims. I found it strange that there was no hole in the thermostat valve, so i drilled one myself (2-2.5 mm). This helps air to escape and starts a small flow, allows the hot coolant to reach the thermostat. This prevents opening al at once when the coolant is already heated in the engine block. On top of the head there's a coolant manifold with a bolt in it. This is where you have to bleed the air, there might be air in the system that can't get out. During the bleeding, the heater must be set at highest temperature. The heater radiator flows, and if there are bubbles in it they will get out. The shims in the pump are important too. If the thermostat is not in the right position it won't work properly. If the air keeps coming back in the system, it might be a leaking head gasket. In my case something was wrong with the new pump and new thermostat, after the drilling and mounting differently with the shims my problem was solved. If air is not the problem try replacing the thermostat, it's fairly easy and cheap.

Why is your fuel pump leaking badly?

Defective seals, and it needs replacing.

What is the fix for a low pressure fuel leaking from a small plastic tube near the top of the pump?

The fix is replacing the leaking part.

Where is the radiator fluid leaking from?

looks like a sensor or thermostat going into engine block

BMW 318i water leaking at thermostat housing?

Remove the housing and replace the gasket.

How do fix a lower leak in your water pump on a cadi eldorodo?

A leaking water pump means the pump needs replacing or the gasket is leaking. Either way the pump must be removed. Now if the hoses going to the pump are leaking, they either need tightening or replacing. So it depends on exactly where the leak is.

Why is my 2001 Ford Focus overheating every time I stop when the coolant is full and not leaking?

Your thermostat is sticking in the closed position,it is usually located where the top radiator hose connects to the engine. Very inexpensive item

How do you repair a condenser that has a whole in it and is leaking freon?

You will be better off replacing it that trying to repair it.

What seal needs replacing if transmission is leaking fluid?

Whatever seal the fluid is coming out.

Why is antifreeze leaking around the thermostat housing?

The housing gasket may be bad. Replace the gasket.