How do you keep up with new technology?

Go to the local book store and get a magazine that has the latest technology in which you want to keep up with, subscribe and you will have the knowledge of what is hot and new with each issue. The above is one method - however you will always find yourself constantly chasing the latest fad or technology - e.g. 15 years ago everyone wanted to master Novell Networks and people invested a lot of time and money learning - that knowledge is obsolete - and so the time spent learning the technology was somewhat wasted ?. During the past 25 years technology has evolved at a stagering pace!. How have I kept up to date, apart from reading a lot and hands on efforts ...I would recommend like any subject .. learn the basics and understand core concepts. The basics include understanding business processes and how they are applied in applications, application design / build concepts , data bases and modeling , networking and lower level infastructures (storage,mem etc) - Once you have mastered the basics - you will find that what changes is the use of these foundations - this makes life easier keeping up to date.