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if we do regularly hand job then does is makes any problems in childburth...

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How do you keep your environment clean?

you keep your water clean by filtering it with a filter or boiling it.

How do you keep a small pool clean?

clean it with soap and water

Does Mexico have dirty or clean water?

The Mexicans are not irresponsible,they keep all of their food and water clean.

Why does Africa not have clean water?

Africa does not have clean water because it has been impoverished by imperialists for centuries and almost all the resources there now belong to wealthy capitalists, who have plenty of clean water.

What is South Africa's policy on clean water management?

The policy is to keep the water clean and save water to avoid shortage of water.

How to keep water clean?

dont pee in it

How can you keep water clean and unpolluted?

It depends where it is.

Why is fluoride used in water?

To keep it clean.

How do you keep equipment clean?

Water Jetting

How do you keep our oceans clean?

We dont its just our water thats clean. Our seas are not clean at all

How dinosaurs keep clean?

could of went in water or did not clean them selves at all

Do the animals in the water keep the river clean?

The animals in the water do indeed keep the river clean. These animals include filter feeders like fish for example.

What is the meaning of environmental resources?

Environmental resources are natural systems that can be taken from the environment to provide services that may benefit people. Environmental resources include attractive scenery, clean air, and clean water.

How did the ancient Greeks keep themselves clean?

easy... water. And they established public baths supplied with clean water.

Which chemical is added to water in swimming pools to keep water clean?

Chlorine is the one that keeps the pool clean

How do animals keep themselves clean?

The way animals keep themselves clean depends on the animal. Some lick themselves clean, others jump in water to clean themselves.

How do you keep and egg out of the refrigerator?

you just keep it in clean cold fresh water.

How can you keep your water clean?

fillter it is the best way

How to keep your penis area clean'?

soap and water

What chemical is added to water in pools to keep the water clean?

It's chlorine

How can protecting forests ensure sustainable use of water resources?

When water runs through a clean forest, it can purify the water.

What are the importance of having a fish pond?

you should have clean water in it and try to keep it as clean as possible

How do you keep frogs out of toilet bowl?

You hold them or get clean water for them

How do you keep urine system clean?

by drinking plenty water

How does gravel keep aquarium water clean?

It acts as a filter.