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Green Your Lawn The single biggest reason a lawn isn't green in the summer is that people don't know how to water. Put fertilizer on a lawn that is not properly watered and you risk damaging the lawn. Water the lawn every 2-3 days to a depth of 1 inch. Put a can or glass on it when watering to see how long it takes for 1 inch the first time. It's best to water deeply several times/week rather than water everyday. Everyday light watering will keep the grass roots near the top of the soil and they'll go dormant or die in the summer. Water heavily and the roots will go deeper into the ground. Light watering also encourages weeds. In about 2 weeks your lawn should become greener. If it doesn't fertilize it and then continue watering heavily every other day or so.

You can also use Epson Salt according to the directions on the package. You can buy it at any pharmacy or some garden stores.

Also, you might consider an iron supplement. It doesn't actually "feed" the grass like fertilizer. Also, it doesn't green the plants as long as nitrogen, which is the greening agent in fertilizer, and must be reapplied more often. Happily, iron doesn't make the grass grow faster and thus mowing chores are not aggravated. Also, I don't think you can damage the plants like you can if you put too much on like you can do with fertilizer. Most people just use fertilizer, because it has other effects, such as a thicker lawn.

There has been some concern regarding fertilizers and other chemicals used on lawns, such as phosphate runoff and runoff of herbicides and insecticides. I don't think this issue exists with iron supplements.

Nitrogen is what makes your yard green. Nitrogen also makes it grow extremely fast, so be prepared to mow a lot more often. I used all kinds of fertilizers over the years and kept looking at my neighbor's, which had the greenest lawn. I realized they were using Scott's. I started, and now mine stays green all year.
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Frogs are an extremely beneficial critter, eating tremendousamounts of insects which are NOT beneficial to your lawn, flowers,shrubs, etc. You should be doing everything possible to encouragefrogs to protect your property.

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Can you aerate your lawn in the summer?

It is not recommended to aerate your lawn in the summer. You willget the most benefits when you aerate your lawn in the spring.

Why does a lawn mower keep dying?

Usually has to do with the carb, every craftsman mower ive ever owned if left sitting for more than a week or 2 ends up with gummed up carbs that will need to be taken apart and cleaned out. most of the carbs have a small bolt on the bottom, so what i do is ziptie the gas line shut and take the bolt ( Full Answer )

Epsom salt to green your lawn?

Also works great to fertilize flowers and plants - same formula should apply to lawn! http://www.ehow.com/how_5016008_grow-flowers-epsom-salt.html Kathy Yes Epsom salt is great for your lawn. It is not a salt it is a magnesium sulfate it activates the nitrogen in the soil to make the grass grow ( Full Answer )

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Does lime help green a lawn?

It can. Lime is used to increase the pH level in the soil. If you pH level is below 5.5 then adding lime will improve the soil conditions and it would therefore make the grass greener.

What length should lawn grass be mowed in summer?

It depends on your grass type but it is best to mow longer than you normally would in the summer (for most grasses about 3 inches) so that the root system of your grass goes deeper into the soil to get more ground water.

What will happen if excess amount of fertilizer is added to a green lawn?

It could die. Osmosis is the movement of water from a lower solute concentration to a higher (trying to dilute the higher to balance things out). If there is a high concentration outside of the root cells, the water will leave the roots and go into the soil to try to balance it out.

Will a fuse keep a lawn mower from starting?

Yes but faulty safety switch's, broken wires, rusty flywheels, sheared shear pins, bad fuel, faulty spark plugs and more could be your problem. Start by checking for spark if you have none that is a place to start.

Why is my lawn yellow but has green weeds?

Your weeds are 'eating' all the nutrients meant for your grass so they are healthy and your lawn isn't. I suggest pulling them out and making sure ALL the roots are removed. :)

What items do you need to keep a high standard of lawn maintenance?

It really depends on how maintained you want your lawn to look. The lawn's health is very important so obviously you need water, sunlight, fertilizer, weed and pest control, etc. You also need things like mowers, edgers, and weed eaters. Starting with a high quality seed is also important.

Will True Green improve the quality of your lawn?

Whether True Green will work on your lawn depends a lot on the environmental factors in your location. It has worked very well for some folks, but others have reported no visible change to their lawns.

How much is true green for the lawn?

The size of the area to be treated plays a large part in pricing for their services. They do have many plans available to choose from so an estimate would be your best bet.

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