How do you keep your love and work things out after winning back your ex?

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2007-07-08 19:19:10

You've just made the first mistake .... talking to us instead of

your mate. It's called communication. You both obviously

made mistakes the first time around so you both need to sit down

and see where you went wrong and how you can strengthen your

relationship this time around. A couple should take out at least

one hour a day to sit and talk to each other without the TV on or

other distractions. Going for a walk together is another good

thing. My husband and I have known each other 40 years and been

married 35. When he gets home from work he may have a wine or a tea

with me and we discuss his day and mine and if there should be any

problems we work them out together. We are honest and loyal to each

other. Communication does work and it takes practice.

Congratulations and I'm happy to see both of you giving your

relationship another try. Good luck

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