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Femi Folorunsho's new book anwers majority of the marital problems. Keep your Marriage or Keep the Street .... you can't have both! Keep your marriage or keep the streets takes you on an emotional ride where you find infidelity, lack of trust, and most core problems that a good number of married couples are confronted with in this day in time. Marriage life is one of the best lives, if respected and encompass with the word of God can be undoubted. At the same time, it could also be a trouble life if a man or women involved are hooked up with wrong priorities that do not foster the institution of marriage.

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Are Rihanna and Chris Brown still together?

No they are not together anymore since the episode of physical abuse.

Why do man still speak to his cheating ex-wife?

ANSWER: Not because this couples are not together anymore, it doesn't mean they can't be friends anymore. No matter what happen to their relationship, always remember before the marriage end, they shared history together for years.

Why is ABBA not together anymore?

ABBA disbanded because the couples (Anni-Frid and Benny, and Agnetha and Bjorn) were having marriage problems and it would be difficult to sing about love together.

Is anyone a virgin until marriage anymore?

Yes, there are many people who are virgin until marriage.

What does it mean when someone says they love you but are not in love with you anymore?

It means although they still have a deep affection for you, they no longer have any physical attraction to you and you are more like a best friend or family. this is where the term "friend zoned" comes from.

Are frazer and tulisa together?

not anymore,

How do you know when your wasting your time rebuilding a marriage?

When you and your husband can not agree on things anymore. If your idea is not his idea. If the two of you can't stand each others anymore let alone being in a room together. If everything you do or he do is not good enough. If the two of you can not come up with solution with the problems.

Do Emily osment and Michael moss go together?

No, they are not together anymore.

Is Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Is Really Together?

They were together, but they are not anymore.

If a husband always verbally abuse his wife should she still stay in the abuse knowing that his wife don't love him anymore?

Verbal abuse could lead to physical abuse or even to fatality! If you are in a marriage that has no love - get out!

Why do people still talk about them and their not together anymore?

They must have liked them together as a couple.

Why are real and abbie noah not together anymore?

they are together. they never broke up.

Is Taylor Swift and Taylor Launer still together?

no they aren't together anymore

What is connubial?

This is a very old word that just about nobody uses anymore. It comes from the Latin, and is an old way of referring to "marriage" or to the marriage relationship.

How do you access marriage records if you already forgot the date of the actual marriage?

Are you actually wondering WHY your not married anymore, considering you already forgot the date?!?!

What is the Leaning Tower of Pisa used for today?

for tourist attraction. people aren't allow to get in tower anymore tho.

What are the symptoms of bullying in a marriage?

I think that if you don't have sex anymore it's a major symptom.

Why is marriage not as important anymore?

Just depends on whom you speak to about marriage. People still get married, people still get pregnant, people still have babies.

Is Michael Angerano and Kristen Stewart together?

They were, but not anymore.

Are Kristen and robert living together?

No, they used to, but not anymore.

Is Taylor Luther and Taylor Swift together?

Not anymore

When is Trey Songz and Helen's wedding?

They are not together anymore!

Do Ernie and Bert live together anymore?


How do you pronounce the word ANYMORE?

Any with more together

What would happen if the gravitational attraction between the Sun and the Earth stopped?

The Earth wouldn't orbit around it (Sun) anymore