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The supernatural, blood-sucking immortal creatures do not really exist. However, in fantasy literature there are multiple ways in which a vampire can be felled.

  1. Spear it in the heart with a wooden stake
  2. Expose it to sunlight
  3. Slap it with some garlic and throw holy water on it (may not kill it)

Those are the generic basics, though each literature/film will have its own rules. More helpful suggestions :

To keep a vampire at bay :

  • Flash a crucifix at them.
  • Wear garlic.
  • Rebuke them in the name of the Lord
  • Spill a pound of salt - they'll have to count every grain (Dracula 3000)

To kill a vampire :

  1. Look for a hole above a grave. Sometimes vampires have to dig their way out.
  2. Scatter salt on the floor in the vampire's latest victim's room. Help the vampire lead you right to his or her tomb.
  3. Use garlic, hawthorn branches, or a cross to trap your vampire in a corner. (protect yourself from revenge by making a cross of tar on your front door).
  4. Dig the vampire up on a Friday. According to the early Greeks, that's when a vampire is weakest. Take advantage of the day when vampires can't come out to play.
  5. Pound iron stakes through his coffin and straight into the ground if you catch him at rest.
  6. Bury his body under running water - vampires can't stand it.
  7. Fire a silver bullet blessed by a priest into his heart.
  8. Drive an aspen, ash or white thorn stake through his heart with a single blow if you want to make a lasting impression.
  9. Pour boiling water, boiling oil or holy water into his grave.
  10. Cremate his body or make a paste from his flesh for closure. Then sit down and feast on the beast.

Vampires are already dead. They are considered "undead" creatures, who left their graves after dying. They are going to come back unless you do it the right way. There are two things you must do to kill a vampire:

1. Strike him in the heart with a dagger

2. Cut his head off and bury it separately from the body. (It can still come back if it can find its head.)

(Recommended reading: "Vampires" by Nancy Garden)


Staking a vampire (sticking a stake into its heart) puts it into torpor (permanent sleep) unless the stake is removed, whereupon the vampire in question will spring back to life (or unlife, more properly) and presumably annihilate you. Staking a vampire renders it defenseless and allows you to cut off its head, which is the only way to actually kill a vampire, other than exposing it to natural sunlight. Garlic kills their appetite, (they'll be less inclined to bite you when you stink), holy water burns them like sunlight, and real sunlight will fry a vampire to ash in seconds. The crucifix is said to appear as a blinding light to vampires, but if you see one get the axe, not a crucifix.

Vampires need to drink blood to keep their undead bodies alive, so depriving a vampire of blood for a long time will eventually kill it, though a starving vampire will go insane and in its rage may become considerably stronger and more destructive than it was before.


The ways to kill a vampire include:

  • stab a vampire with a wooden stake, or a silver one
  • put holy water on them
  • garlic bombs

Or you could just scare them away with a cross, or a picture of a god or goddess.


As vampires are already dead the question is an oxymoron.

You can kill a vampire by catching it and ripping off its head but other than that it's extremely dfficult.

First of all a vampire is already dead. They are reanimated corpses and its is 'more correct' to refer to destroying them rather than killing them.

There is a gradation to the vitality of vampires and Zombies. In fact vampires and zombies are creatures of the same type and all that distinguishes them is the degree to which they can 'heal' and 'steal life-energy'.

  • At the extreme zombie end is the reanimated corpse that has no ability to heal or steal life-energy and to destroy them all you have to do is wait for them to rot all on their own.
  • Those zombies that can heal to some degree can do so if they get something to eat. They can be destroyed by simple physical means.
  • There are zombies that can steal life-energy but cannot heal to any great extent. If they lose an arm, it stays lost. These can be destroyed by copious physical damage.
  • Those zombies that can both steal life-energy and apply that energy to perpetuating their reanimation are the beginnings of the vampire portion of the continuum. Many of these are malformed and demented, often grotesquely so and cannot improve their condition. Count Orlock falls in this category. Not only was he malformed but he also carried a plague which he inflicted on the city of Bremen.
  • Those that can apply the life-energy they steal to their healing start to make the 'classical vampire'. This however isn't a complete class. There are limitations on how much a vampire can heal and variations in how much they can heal depending on certain conditions. Count Dracula was powerful enough to walk around in day-light and to alter his physical reality however he was significantly reduced in power during the day and was finally destroyed by a knife through the heart in the last minutes of sun-set. It should be noted that Johnathan Harker managed to wound Dracula while he lay in his coffin during the day and Dracula carried the scar of it through-out the novel.
  • It should be noted that the old 'stake through the heart' was only meant to pin the vampire in its coffin, not to destroy them and there are vampires that can with-stand any amount of physical damage. This goes in a gradation but at the extreme most can be destroyed by having their heads severed.
  • Then there are those who have have their entire body dismembered and scattered and they have still managed to reassemble themselves. To this last group the only option is to entirely burn the body and scatter the ashes.

According to the original "Dracula" by Bram Stoker: The only way you can became a vampire is if you are a virgin and are bitten by a vampire from the opposite sex. A person takes several days to became a vampire, but you can prevent that with blood transfusions and you should also put up garlic because the vampire may come back for seconds! Vampires are scared of Bibles, Crosses, Holy water, and garlic. They are immune to mortal weapons during the night. During the day they do not die like some people think, they just lose all of their powers.

The ways to kill a vampire:

1. Cut off its head and stab it in the heart - doesn't have to be wood, and put garlic between the severed head and body. It also has to be done during the day or when the vampire is resting.

2. Burn it. Then throw the ashes in the ocean.

  • a wooden stake through the heart
  • sunlight (only young ones)
  • garlic up the nose and in the mouth (bury up to the neck)
  • another vampire
  • decapitation
  • burning
  • silver cross
  • holy water
  • entering holy grounds
  • death of the vampires maker
  • dentists
  • draining of ALL blood
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Q: How do you kill a vampire?
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