How do you kill bag-worms?

Are bag worms like tent worms? My grandfather and uncles used to pull the "tents" out of trees and douse them in gasoline in metal buckets. When they got all the tents with worms they could get, they had the land sprayed. It took care of it.

Added by CassieMae:

If your infestation is mild, you can pick off the tents in the late fall, winter, or early in the spring. This is when the eggs are inside the cocoons. By mid spring, the eggs begin to hatch and the infestation will continue if you have not gotten rid of them. They spend the spring and summer with their cocoon attached to their backside and the males will come out to seek females who will mate with them and lay their eggs by early fall.

Burning the egg filled cocoons in a controlled burn will solve the infestation problem, though some states and localities have ordinances against this. Check with your local Department of Agriculture office for disposal recommendations and legal pesticides to deal with larger infestations.