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How do you kill water bugs of the Notonecta Species also called Backswimmer Bugs in a swimming pool?


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I am quoting a post in that was in pool problems....

This worked VERY well for me. No more bugs! I used BioGuard Back Up as my algecide. Once I balanced the water, I shocked it that night and poured in one bottle of the algecide and then I am adding 1/4 of the bottle each week.

Here is the quote from Godspeed:
To get rid of water bugs. Attack their way of living!
I had a problem with water bugs, and no way to get rid of them. Clorine wont kill them because because they breath the air!!! So here are some things you should do to elminate water bugs.

I see alot of posts from people with problems of backswimmers and boatmen

waterboatmen: are oval shaped bugs that do not bite, There food source is alge and minute aquatic organisms, they eat mosquito larvae and tend to eat small aquatic animals.

backswimmers: have a streamlined body shape and DO bite(as painful as a bee sting), the backswimmer is pradacous, they come to the surface for air, a supply of which they carry down with them under their wings and between the fine hairs covering the underside of the body

now I didnt some experimenting, since these bugs come up for water i caught a backswimmer put it in a bucket filled it with some water to swim, and put household lubricating oil in (which floats on the top) when the bug came up for air, it inhaled a bunch of oil dove down real quick swam sideways hit the side of the bucket several times then drowned. that is an effective way of killing them but is not practical to fill your swimming pool up with gasoline or oil just to get rid of them.

both waterboatmen and backswimmers can fly.
both lay eggs in underwater vegetation, in a swim pools case, "alge"
both can be found in mud at the bottom of streams, pools and ponds.
both NEED to come up for air, if you hold them down under water they will drown
both for pools, lay eggs in the alge.

The only way to get rid of them is to take away there food supply, for water boatmen its alge, for backswimmers its other water bugs such as waterboatmen or water beetles. the first step is clorination of course, shock the pool several times, scrub the alge off of the sides and bottoms of pool, scrub all alge after shocking. everytime you shock? SCRUB.

fishing them out with a skimmer works, make sure to kill them when you have skimmed them out, leave a bucket of water and oil close teehee!

after the population of the other water bugs has gone down for the backswimmers to live off of, they will start dying off, and/or finding another place to swim "next door neighbors pool"!

make sure the pool is heavily clorinated, make sure your filter is cleaned out DE filters especially, if you have an auto water refiller put a clorine tablet in it to keep the alge from growing in there. every area your pool has contact with water, make sure clorine is passing through.

Now this is the most important part, BUY ALGECIDE! BUY ALGECIDE! BUY ALGECIDE!

With no alge in the pool the bugs cannot and will not lay there eggs!

clorine is not effective unless the pool water is completely balanced Ph, alkalinity, hardness ect, so in case it is not, algecide is most effective of eliminating water bugs

So let me summarize this for you

1. clorinate, SHOCK over SHOCK for the first week everday, it might cost you, but if you want the bugs gone do it.
2. after shocking immediatly scrub the whole pool every corner that has contact with water even the skimmer, get the alge floating so the clorine kills it faster, the clorine no longer has to break through the alge stronghold on the pool serface, with alge free floating the clorine can erradicate it quicker.
3. ALGECIDE, there are some forms of alge that clorine does not kill, if you take away one bugs food supply they die, the predators will die and so on
4. Fish the bugs out, kill em. one less bug to lay a ton of eggs
5. Continue Alegice treatment indefinatly. if you live in an area with irrigation or standing water areas, water bugs can migrate. when they come to your pool and see theres nothing to eat they will leave. if they dont leave and decide to stay the night? fish em out crush them or drown them
6. keep your water balanced afterwords!