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How do you kiss a girl who is not your girlfriend?


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Kiss her on the cheeks. Or, break up with your girlfriend first.

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Justin Bieber has a girlfriend, if he was to kiss another girl he would either be cheating on his girlfriend or kissing said girl on the cheek.

If both of you want to kiss, then kiss. I don't even see why you need to ask this. Kiss the girl.

Diggy Simmons Really did kiss that girl and thats his ew girlfriend

take her to a special place and then ask her "will u be my girlfriend'? and then kiss her

he kissed his GIRLFRIEND Poppy Horne

yeaah a girl named destiny polite

Well im a girl and well just go for it lean in to kiss her I gave my best friend that edvice and it worked on his girl friend so just kiss her

You can not make your girlfriend kiss you. She will kiss you only of she wants to.

You'd have to ask him, but most likely yes.

Ask her if her shirt is on backwards, when she looks down, get ready.. when she looks back up Kiss her. Love, A girl

of course u can kiss ur gf!! wat kind of question is this?!?! i can guarantee that evry girl wants 2 kiss their bf @ some point.

if you are a girl remove your dess and kiss your boyfriend.if a boy remove your dress and kiss your girlfriend.

Not unless you were the one who gave the kiss, and not unless you prolonged the kiss. Just explain to your girlfriend what happened and tell her you have no feelings for this girl.

it really means nothing...just kiss your girl.

Okay. First off why did you kiss him? If it's because you like him then if and inly if he breaks up with his girlfriend can you guys fo out. If you kissed just to kiss. Then you broke the girl code!

It was with a girl back in Australia. Her name was not given. Apparently it was an ex girlfriend.

I'm pretty sure Tancred did NOT kiss a girl. the girlfriend he had was a fake, so i think he didn't.

not exactly first if you [[know]] she likes you and you like her to you should ask her to be your girlfriend if she says yes than u may kiss!

first, after kissing your special girl on the mouth slowly and tenderly kiss your way down to her neck and kiss her in several areas on either side of the neck. GOOD LUCK

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