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Lips slightly apart, puckered and moist. No tongue. Take it slow and the rest will come naturally. Yea but first start out by looking at his/her lips and finding an excuse to touch them- their arm or hair. Leaning slightly forward and complementing them.
well...dont go crazy but dont hold back just keep it smooth! :D

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Q: How do you kiss for the first time?
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If your girlfriend wants to kiss and its your first time how would you kiss or how to kiss?

kiss her softly on the lips, dont go straight for the tongue for the first kiss

How do you kiss a guy for the first time when you aren't dating?

Kiss on his cheek

How do you kiss your first time?

french it ;)

How can a girl get a first kiss?

She will get that first kiss when ever she and who ever she is dating is ready or when it's the right time.

How do you kiss a person you love for the first time?

You just lean in and if they want to kiss you back then just kiss

How do you kiss your bf for the first time?

stick ur tongue and french kiss

Where do you kiss your best friend if you want to kiss him or her and how do you kiss him or her?

You know a great place to kiss someone for the first time is like your bedroom or somewhere private where no one will see you. How you kiss is you do not want to do a french kiss or tongue for the first time just relax close your eyes and kind of peck your partner's lips once. After your first kiss you can go to different levels.

Where should you kiss a guy for your first kiss?

a slight kiss on the cheek is a good place for a first kiss i think that at the right moment will be the good time i mean i didnrt have my first kiss yet but i dont think that changes anything

When to get first kiss?

It doesn't matter when you get your first kiss. Most people get their first kiss at teenage periods. They feel or think that they are in love and are ready for that step. If you think that is the time in your relationship, then go ahead and kiss them!

How do you kiss aboy for the first time?

With enthusiasm

What does the kiss mean?

Ther kiss usually menas the first kiss, or a very special kiss. So say you love someone very so, and kiss them for the first time, it could be the kiss. Or even or, it could be the best kiss ever, making it THE KISS.

Why are we so scared to kiss a guy?

well if its ur first time its normal the first kiss is always the hardest

How do you Prepair for a first kiss?

Listen Carefully, first you must get her a gift then when she is not looking put a sticky note that says first kiss time? and if she loves you she will kiss you. or do this but with napkins and pass them back and forth with each other asking the same question first kiss time? and the same results hopefully

How do you kiss a boy your first time?

Normally the boy will kiss you! If your going to kiss him then, just press your lips against his. If its his first kiss too and you mess up then he wont even notice!

How do you kiss a boy really good?

go to wikihow and type in "how to kiss", "how to french kiss", "how to kiss a boy", or "how to kiss for the first time". you will get incredible kissing skills. i did.

When should you have your first kiss and where?

You should have your first kiss at 12 or 13. You can have your first kiss ANYWHERE as long as its a place that you think can be special for your first kiss and if the time is right dont kiss a guy on a first date or anything. And i have a helpful tip for you girls and guys: After you have your first kiss dont run away here is the NUMBER 1 tip to do after your first kiss: SMILE! SMILE BIG! YOU JUST HAD YOUR FIRST KISS YOU BETTER BE HAPPY ABOUT IT! but i hope i helped you :-) and p.s i am 11 andcant wait to have my first kiss!!!!

Would ash roy and will kiss for first time?

i think so they should will make good sexy kiss for like a long time i think that ash will kiss him and they will kiss back for a long time in the bed they both will be kiss tongue in mouth.

How long does it take for romeo and Juliet to kiss for the first time?

It takes fourteen lines from Romeo's first pickup line to their first kiss.

How do you kiss 12 year old boy for the first time?

Depends on how old you are. If you are very much older you don't kiss a 12 year old boy it is illegal. If you are his age kiss him of the cheek the first time.

How do you kiss your boyfriend if you've never had your first kiss fi?

dnt just get up the courage and kiss him i did now we kiss all the time Mua!

How do you kiss a girl for the first time in high school?

Kiss her cheek first and than look her in the eyes grab her face gently with your hands and go in for a nice kiss.

If you kiss a boy when you are young does that count as a first kiss?

A first kiss is generally thought of to be your first kiss with genuine emotional involvement. If you gave someone a little peck when you were young, it's not necessarily a big deal or set in stone as the first. A first kiss is that moment where both people are really excited about each other and want to kiss each other for the first time.

When will you ever get your first kiss?

when perfect time comes

Do beast boy and raven kiss?

No. But in the comics they do.

How do you kiss a girl first time?

well first u gotta kno if she wants to kiss you and what you do is just pucker up and lean in