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How do you kiss on the first date?

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February 21, 2010 9:59PM

all you do is ask them if they want to kiss you and if they agree and then go in for the kill but dont try nothing else or then kissing. but if they let you then go in for the "second kill"

u dont ask!!! that ruins the moment! unles they deff dont give u signs then ask, but if anything dont ask to "go in for the kill"

if your a girl you have to wait for the guy ot kiss you traditionaly =[. but guys you have to lean30 percent if they start leaning too then you go for it if not pretend like your neck hurts and start rubbing it, maybe you can gain a neck rub!!!!!

I learned this from Hitch, but if your a guy a girl will give you signs if she wants to be kissed. When you drop her off at her door, for one. If she takes her keys and puts them right in the door to go in, then just say goodnight. If she kinda is fiddling with her keys and wont go in the house, than you know she is waiting for that kiss, so go 80 percent of the way, and let them go the other 20. NEVER go the whole hundred ;)