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How do you kiss right?


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Well, first you have to build up to the kiss. So start with some comments about how good the other persons lips look. Say things like,

"You have such soft lips."

Then to pull your partner into an embrace, pretend to be stroking the chin, but pull it forward. The embrace is a very short, elegant thing that has to be just the right timing (not to fast, slow ect.). Then stare into eachothers eyes and wait to see if your partner moves forward to kiss. If they do, read from star, if they dont, continue. If they do not move forward, then go in for the kill. *Remember when kissing, not to do tongues until you have kissed a few times before. Try to move your head, and move your lips in and out, and if you like, open your mouth. Tounges should be performed very tenderly, otherwise your parter may feel uncomfortable. Try to make your tongue stay beside your parters and rotate, as your partner probably wont like you wobbling they're uvula. Good luck! P.S Try moving your hands!