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How do you knit a purse?

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you start with casting a minium of 30 stiches on your needle. then you you uknit until your piece is about 15 inches or however long you want it. then you bind off the knitted project and sew a piece of fabric inside of the knitted purse 4 inches longer than the lenght of the purse then sew the sides and make a handle a minium of 10 inches and sew that to the purse and you have it

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Can a purse be felted that has been knit in stained glass pattern?

Yes, so long as the purse has been knit from wool that will result as expected in the felt you want.

What is the difference between felting and knitting?

Knitting is what you do before you felt something. Say I knit a giant purse out of wool, Then I go through a process of washing and that shrinks and "felts" the bag.

Names of hand knit blanket?

Examples of names of hand knit blanket are: Hand Knit Initials Blanket, Hand Knit Pillow and Hand Knit Chevron Blanket.

Did Romans knit?

yes they did knit.

What is the plural noun for knit?

The plural for of the noun 'knit' is knits (a word for knit garments or fabrics).The word 'knit' is also a verb.

How do you knit twice into yarn over?

To knit twice into a yarn over, you can knit into the front of the stitch and knit again into the back of the stitch.

What is the past tense of knit?

Knitted or knit.

What is the correct spelling of knitt or knit?


What is present tense of knit?

I, you, we, they knit. He, she, it knits.

Do you need needles to knit?

No, you do not need needles to knit. There are multiple ways to knit without needles.

What is sentence with the word knit?

In time, my broken bones will knit. My grandmother used to knit socks.

What is a sentence for the word knit?

I've got some bright red wool and I'm going to knit a jumper.

What is a good sentence for knit?

I knit a scarf for my sister.

Is knit correct as past tense for knit?


Can you knit a double knit wool cardigan with 3ply wool?

You can knit it in any type of wool but the size won't be anywhere near what the pattern is for double knit wool

What is the correct saying it is this ladies purse or it is this lady's purse?

It is this lady's purse.

What is a sentence with the word knit?

She bought lots of red yarn to knit a warm blanket. The sorority sisters are a very closely knit group. The dress was made of a clingy knit that flattered her flawless figure quite well. Grandma loved to knit sweaters for us when we were growing up, but today she seldom has the time.

Is lace knit or woven?

Lace can be either, knit or woven.

Why do spiders knit webs?

they knit webs to catch their food

How do you knit a diamond shape?

Knit a square, then turn it sideways.

Is knitting a verb?

Yes, "to knit" is a verb, as in "I'm going to knit a pair of mittens." because "going to knit" is the action in the sentence.It can also be an adjective, as in "I'm wearing the knit mittens." because "knit" describes the type of mittens.The base verb is knit.Knitting is the continuous form of knit and is used like this:I am knitting a pair of socks.The adjective form of knit is knitted.I am wearing the knitted mittens. Knitted describes the type of mittens.

What is purse in hawaiian?

purse = 'eke'eke

What does knit the knit and purl the purl mean?

knit is when you put the right hand needle behind the left, and purl is vise versa

Did Laura Ingalls Wilder knit?

Yes, Laura could knit.

What can you knit with a pair of nine knitting needles?

You can knit anything you like.