How do you know a girl is horny?

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When there nipple show,and when they smile a lot

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Q: How do you know a girl is horny?
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How do you know if a girl is horny?

they always are :D i would know as i am a girl

How do you make a stranger horny?

is this a boy or a girl . You need to get to know a person first before thinking about making him or her horny.

A friend wants to know why do most guys like girl on girl action?

Cause girl on girl shows that the girls are really horny so they kinda imagine themselves or want themselves to be with the extremely horny girl.

If your a girl how do you know your feeling horny?

=You know your feeling horny when you get a weird feeling down in yourprivate area, don't worry this is normal it's just a sign of puberty.=

How do you get horny for boys?

I don't get horny for boys....they get horny for me!! Can a girl that knows what she is talking about change this answer

What is the quickest most effective way to get a girl horny also are there foods or drinks that get a girl horny too?

i am a female and the quickest way for me to get hornyvis porn and yes there are foods i just dont know what they are

What does a girl do when she is horny?

I'm so horny and normal watch videos or chat with other horny people

Can you tell if a girl is horny?

Yes and no.

How do you know when a girl is horny?

Her nipples will harden and she will become "wet"Her vagina will get wet.She will ask anyone for sex.

How do boy get horny?

Firstly we get horny for no reason. Some of the time and second when we see boobs or a hot girl or think about sex, it's not that hard to figure out. Most girls don't know how often we are horny, we are all the time at school.

What are signs of a horny girl?

well if she looks at you with a face that spells sex on it that means she is horny

How can you make a guy be horny?

What makes me horny is a sexy girl taking off her clothes.

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