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When there nipple show,and when they smile a lot

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they always are :D i would know as i am a girl

she horny! she horny! she horny! she horny! she horny! she horny!

is this a boy or a girl . You need to get to know a person first before thinking about making him or her horny.

Cause girl on girl shows that the girls are really horny so they kinda imagine themselves or want themselves to be with the extremely horny girl.

=You know your feeling horny when you get a weird feeling down in yourprivate area, don't worry this is normal it's just a sign of puberty.=

I don't get horny for boys....they get horny for me!! Can a girl that knows what she is talking about change this answer

dirty talk, masterbation, things such as these. Answer 2: A girl can't make a guy horny. only a guy can make a girl horny

I'm so horny and normal watch videos or chat with other horny people

Sorry mate , but girls don't get boners ...

You say " Me so horny."! You say " Me so horny."! You say " Me so horny."! You say " Me so horny."!

"Horny" is slang for being sexually aroused.

well if she looks at you with a face that spells sex on it that means she is horny

The sign to a Horny female her eyes twitch hahah lol

What makes me horny is a sexy girl taking off her clothes.

What you really need to know is she is underage and should not be taken advantage of. If she is not involved with you, then you will not be able to tell.

human arosion. also know as getting exicted/horny.

If she is horny ans starts touchign you, then she wants to play with you and shes really wet

just talk about sex.. make her horny really horny

No. "Horny" means that you have sexual desires, and the word is applied both to men and to women.

To make a girl horny without talking to her, make sure she is looking at you and give her sexy looks, wink or maybe even lick your lips at her. If you know she is interested in you, stand next to her one time and feel her butt or something. If she is your partner, when your in bed with her be really sexy and touch her gently everywhere. As a girl myself, this has actually made me horny now ;)

Well, there a couple of ways... First is the most obvious... She has sex with you!, second, she sits on your face!, third, she lets you in her A-hole. If none of these things are happening then she probably isn't horny!

If you are horny, you will feel a tingly sensation in your genitals, and you will have the erge to have sex.

It can do< however there are many other reasons for this to happen. however If you dont know you are horny, then you are not horny.

depennds on the girl prolly will get them horny

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