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1.) Tries to get your Attention

2.) Eye Contact.

3.) WILL talk to you.. Sooner or Later.

4.) Smiles.

5.) Will Talk about you with Other People.

6.) Frequently Talk about you.

That's All I know.. Because If I was that woman.. I would do that. :)

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Can you be in love with someone you have never spoken to before?


Why do so many black men not know when they are loved by a good black woman?

Because they don't know the qualities and nature of love from a black woman. You have to know the nature of love from a black woman.

How can you know when a woman love you and tell me she don't love you?

you have sex

What song does this lyric come from a man devoted to a woman not just any woman but the love of his life?

Spoken Like a Man by Blaine Larsen.

How do you call a woman when a man is getting engaged to her?

just pick up the phone and call her if your nervous its fine its better to call and have her know and her never know at all and she could love and be marring the wrong man and she would never know

What do you know about love?

love has a very vast meaning. you will never know what love is, until you fall into it.

How do you know what you love a woman for?

You know why you love a women when you think of her that thing comes up first.

How can I tell someone that I love him if he does not know me and we have never spoken a word to each other?

It is best to meet someone and speak with them first before you divulge such information that may only be a crush. I am not making light of your feelings but love has no bases if you do not know the person at all. Try and get to know the person and take things from there.

When does a woman know she is in love?

when you love someone you can tell but when you're IN love everyone else can tell

Is Lady Gaga a bysexareal?

Yes she is but has never been in love with a woman.

How can a woman get to know that a man is in love with her?


How do you know when a married woman is in love with you?

When she divorces her husband!

What is speciation and geographic isolation?

love,hate,perfect womanlove pets, love her husband, never will cheat on her husband

What is the theme to the song you never know - immortal technique?

It's about a woman he falls in love with who rejects him. He learns after her death that she rejected him because she had HIV and was trying to protect him, but that she truly did love him back.

How does man know if woman in love with him?

if you'd have any sense, you'd know

Does a woman know when a man loves her?

yes. any man can love a woman, but it takes a real man to be truly in love with one.

How do you know if the woman you love loves you back?

If she shows you affection

I love you although you may not love me?

find out, you never know until you try :-)

Where does the Bible say a woman has to love her husband?

The Holy Bible says absolutely nothing about a woman having to love her husband. The Bible does say that a woman must submit to her husband's wishes and desires, though.

How do you know she love you back?

You should know in your heart and never have any doubts - if you have doubts then she probably doesnt love you

How do you know if a woman is in love with another woman?

You know when they see each other and they flirt with each other when they get a chance or they don't wanna be with a man.

Did Artemis fall in love with a human?

No, Artemis is a spinster, which mean an old maid or a woman who never got married or had kids. So she never fell in love with a human.

Can you love a guy without talking to him even if you know everything about him but have never spoken to him?

Personally I would say no to that. But you can surely have a crush on him, and for instance like his personality and how he looks, but you need to talk with him before you can claim to love him. Note: You can open a discussion thread on this question if you want :)

Does an abusive ex change for another woman?

if he really love her he will but it never leaves hym

Does true love always has a good conclusion or consequence?

With true love you never know what you're gonna get , it depends on if you both are truly in it .. never love someone who doesn't love you .