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How do you know if a Chloe bag is fake?

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To tell if a Chloe bag is fake, look at the label. Ensure the label is genuine leather. Also, ensure the zipper is metal.

2014-10-06 20:36:58
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Q: How do you know if a Chloe bag is fake?
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How do you know if the Chloe bag is fake?

look at the tag.

How do detect a fake Chloe bag?

look inside of it

How do you know if a Tommy hilfiger's bag is fake?

There are many ways to identify fake bags such as Tommy Hilfiger. You can tell if bags are fake by their material. You can also examine the stitching and tag placement of the bag.

How can you tell when coach is fake?

You know a Coach handbag is fake when the iconic C's are not straight and the bag has poor stitiching.

Is it legal to knowingly buy a fake designer bag?

Yes it is legal to buy a fake designer bag but it is not legal to sell a fake designer bag.

How do you know if a coach dust bag is fake?

It will not have the official GUESS logo inside.

How can you tell if your jansport bag is fake?

You will know when it is fake if you look inside of the bag at the back of a zipper. If you don't see YKK, it is fake. Also, if you compare a real one to one you are not sure about, you can feel the difference through the fabric.

If a person has five bags and each bag has 5 coins but one bag has fake coins How do you determine which bag has the fake coins?

you look inside

Does Taylor Swift know Chloe Abbruzzese?

No. I think she does not know Chloe Abbruzzese

How will i know if the Louis Vuitton bag that was given to me was a real one?

if a black guy sold it to you, its fake! if not, your good!

What are the disadvantages and advantages of ID cards?

they can fake your identity like chloe williams

Is second glance fashions sell authentic bag or fake bag?


Do fake coach purses come with a bag to protect it when not using it?

its fake. it doesnt need protecting.

How do you make fake snow?

you buy it from poundland £1 a bag or b&m 99p a bag !

Will Justin Bieber be on the Chloe show on Build-a-Bearville?

i don't know who is meant to know it is chloe rocks choice

How can you tell fake Michael kors handbags?

a fake michael kors bag will usually have the name spelled wrong and the quality of bag isnt as good , also the stiching is sloppy

How do you know if your juicy couture bag is fake?

Im not sure if there is a way to find out. If it looks genuinely like juicy and the price is the same.. its real

How can you tell if a Gucci bag is not a fake?

you can tell if a gucci bag ain't fake if shows or has the namebrand type of tag thing inside of the purse of bag.also if the letters from the design don't look weird to you.i have some of my own and i always check but i know there real due to the place where i get them from.hope this works!

How do you know which is the fake bag when you have ten bags of 50 real gold coins weigh 30 grams the fake coins weigh 27 grams can only weigh once on a gram scale?

Arrange all bags in serial and take one coin from first bag ,two coins from second bag three from third bag and take from all ten bags and weigh. from the total weight we can calculate which bag has the coins of weight 27 grms.

How do you know if furla handbag is authentic?

The real way to know if the Furla handbag is authentic is to buy from a reputable dealer. Another way to tell is to look at the hardware. Tarnished hardware on the bag signals a fake. The leather should look old and not be shiny. Shiny means fake.

How do you tell between fake and real dolcegabbanna purses?

that's easy! are you stupid or something?! you have to see if on the bag it has DG and if not its fake!

Is this a real coach bag with these numbers Noco6k-10124?


do you know of a website that tells if a chanel handbag is fake or real i got one as a gift and i dont know how to tell if it is real?

EHow has a guide to spotting a fake Chanel handbag. It should be able to help you determine if your bag is real or not. WikiAnswers also has a guide to telling authentic Chanel bags from fake ones. That's the one I determine that the one my husband got me was fake. We're divorced now.

How does a person clean melted chocolate out of their Chloe Paddington bag?

The easiest way to remove melted chocolate from your Chloe Paddington bag would be to take it to the dry cleaners. If you'd like to remove the stain yourself, try scraping off the chocolate with a blunt knife and then blot with a damp sponge.

Can you see a fake Prada from the real ones?

Yes, always. Fake prada bags have a prada tag on the front of the bag that is usually bigger than a real prada bag. The lining as well on a prada bag is usually lined with Prada repeated lettering - fake bags don't have this. Stitching as well is a big sign with fake bags, usually in different coloured stitching. Real prada bags come with iD cards