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  • Spotting a fake Louis Vuitton handbag is hard work. Counterfeiters are now incorporating signature details into fake Louis Vuitton bags that are difficult for the untrained eye to see. With the brand's imitated logo plastered on 99% of all LV bags in the marketplace, there's a big chance that web retailers are selling fake bags beyond New York's infamous Canal Street. There are numerous things to look for like the color, serial code, placement of logos. I have written an entire e book on how to spot a fake. I was so fed up with being ripped off that I further researched it and all the information is in my e book," How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Handbag." It has saved some people 100's of dollars by being able to spot a real bag right away!
  • Well to start off with, you should look to see if the inside is old and cruddy and what it feels like. Remember these are expensive bags! they have the smoothest suede and the most soft, plush leather, so they shouldn't feel like rough cheap bags with bad materials. Plus look at the LV logos, are they different? and are there weird hearts and clovers to replace the other flowers? and plus some shapes don't come in the collection, and some collections you see could be a fake due to the fact the Chinese create fakes that don't even exist!. They shove on a lv logo on a random bag and you could call it a designer fake. Last but not least, DEFINITELY check serial codes and if the logos are too close together, and if the logos aren't lined up carefully and perfectly at the stitching, then it's fake.
  • Some ways that I determine if a LV is fake or real is by:
  1. The quality---Get your hands on a real one and roughly measure the weight with your hands. Also feel the leather and canvas- it should feel smooth and should look shiny (the leather).
  2. The pattern matters---The pattern will always be the same on all pieces of the same line (ex., all damier canvases will be the same, all monogram canvases will be the same...etc.). The ONLY exception to this is on some of the ties and scarves. ALL monogram canvases will be the same on all leather goods. On the Damier canvas, the boxes that say "Louis Vuitton Paris" on them will be spaced 9 squares apart both horizontal and vertical (4 dark and 5 light). Anything else is FAKE!
  3. The price---If you get Louis Vuitton for under, say, $250 or so, you aren't getting a bargain, you're getting a fake. LV NEVER goes on sale or clearance, so be careful with internet purchasing. Bag prices range from $250 or so to $4, or $5,000.
  4. The hardware---On most of the bags, the zippers and buckles will be brass or gold. On some, though, they can be silver. Also, pay attention to how the LV's are carved into the zippers: Look at them under magnification. If they are clean cut and smooth there's a chance it may be real. DON'T depend on this, though. Many counterfeiters pay close attention to detail.
  5. The leather---The handles, straps (if any), and/or trim will usually be a white-colored cowhide that will oxidize (change to a darker honey color) over time. If you are purchasing a vintage bag then the cowhide will already be oxidized. When it is new it will be white on the surface but the inner part will be a red color, and that will also change color. If the white does not darken, it is fake. It will start oxidizing within the first few weeks.
  6. The accessories---Speedys DO NOT...EVER...come with pegs/"feet" on the bottom. The bottom will always be plain with no hardware. Some bags come with locks and keys (mostly the damier canvas bags) that are usually gold or brass like the hardware on the bag itself and usually have a big LV monogram carved into them.
  7. The packaging---LV bags never come with tags attached. They may have some paper or wrapping around the straps/handles, but that's it! NO PRICE TAGS OR BARCODES!
  8. The inside---The inside of a bag should always have a small slab of leather (that will also oxidize) with "Louis Vuitton Made in France" hot-stamped into it. It can also say "Made in Italy", "Made in Spain", "Made in Germany", or "Made in USA". If it says anything else, it's fake. I don't really know what all they can say, I only own six bags and they all say "Made in France". Some of the women's purses may not have this, but there will always be something verifying where it was made.
  9. Location, location, location---Be aware of where you are buying your LV products. The only 2 places that are authorized to sell LV things are and This, by no means, means that if they are sold elsewhere that they are fake.
  10. The date code and serial number---All LV products have serial numbers, but all bags have both a serial number and a date code. The only people that can read the date codes are the people that work for LV or have experience with LV products. Both codes (in a bag) will usually be hidden behind some flap of leaher or canvas and can be painted or hot-stamped.
  11. The colors---On the multicolor Speedys and purses there are NEVER any red or turquoise "LV"s. Some may be baby blue or some other dark or light shade of blue, but never turquoise. And the "LV"s can also be pink, but never red. Also, Multicolor bags never have bows on them.
  12. The font---On the patches that have "Louis Vuitton Paris" hot-stamped into them, pay close attention to the font used. There are very round O's and pointy A's, V's, and N's. The font should not be narrow or squared off. If so, it's fake.
  13. The material---For some reason, counterfeiters just peel off the leather from a real bag and paste it on a fake one (why not just sell the real thing, right?). If the product is faked from scratch then the material used is more than likely not going to be real leather or canvas. Instead it will be plastic and will chip and crack easily.
  14. The extras---Never be fooled into thinking a product is real just because it comes with the box or shopping bag or the "original receipt". Items such as those can be faked with extreme ease.
  15. The dustbag---The dustbag should be a very soft flannel or cotton material that is a brown or tan color with NO HINT OF RED! The only thing that will be on the outside is an embossed "LV". If it says anything under it like "Louis Vuitton Paris", it's fake.
  16. Internet Auctions---If a seller on eBay is repetitive about "100% real" or "All sales final" or "NO REFUNDS", there's a 99.99999 percent chance it's FAKE. Be VVERRY cautious on About 98% of the listings of designer products are fake.
  17. FYI: No authentic product from a French design house would ever be labeled "Made in Paris" instead of "Made in France", (or whatever the actual manufacturing country of origin is).
  • Paris is not a country and Country Of Origin labeling is exactly that, stating the name of the NATION in which it was made (as required by international Trade Laws) -- i.e. NOT to be confused with the city/address of the designer company that may also be included elsewhere on the product, e.g. stamped on hardware. Therefore, anything labeled "Made in Paris" cannot be authentic. If it were, then we'd see origin labels on products like "Made in Rome (Milan, Delhi, Beijing, Sydney etc.)" or province/state names.
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