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How do you know if a Parrot fish is male or female?

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Answer Parott Fish Sex IDThere are many different kinds of parrot fish- they go through different phases on their way to maturity. In these stages they change colors. Some change sex from female to male. All the "Terminal Phase" fish are mature males.The only way to ID the sex is by type of fish and color.IE the Stoplight parrot fish female,or Initial Phase, is mottled reddish brown mixed with white scales and a reddish belly. The Terminal phase, or male is neon green/darker green scales, pink by the gills,& yellow on the head and tail. Some blue is on the edge of the face and fins. They look like two different kinds of parrot fish. The Reef Fish ID Book by P. Humann lists 13 different kinds of parrot fish with photos.
2014-05-19 16:55:38
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Q: How do you know if a Parrot fish is male or female?
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How do you know if a painted parrot fish is male or female?

male is huge and grey female is colurful

Is a purple parrot fish female or male?

a purple parrot fish is more orange if its a female and more with a purple tint is a male

Can a parrotfish female turn into a parrotfish male?

Yes a parrot fish female could turn into a parrot fish male it changes gender and color :}

Which is maener a female parrot or male parrot?

female maybie?

How do you know if a pionus parrot is male or female. I have a new pionus parrot and i want to know if its male or female?

There are no visible differences between pionus males and females. They can, however be sexed by a vet.

Do you need a male parrot for a female parrot to lay eggs?

No. A female parrot will lay eggs without a male parrot. They will be infertile and won't hatch if there is no male parrot. This is the same for all birds.

How do you know that a Pakistani parrot is male or female?

tha myL parrot hole ring around the neck

How do you tell the difference between a female green parrot and a male green parrot?

difference between male and female green parrot

How do you know if a Indian parrot is male or female?

if he has a black neck he is male , if he doesnot have a black neck he is a female and if u want to be sure that he is male or female u should let the parrot grow up little and u will find the answer.

How do you know if a walleye fish is a female or male?

The difference between a female or a male is that the female fish is bigger than the male. Hope that helps =D

Do gag grouper really get born female and sometimes become male as they grow up?

No, the only fish that do that is the parrot fish.

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You can't. You have to wait until it pupates. if it comes out of the cocoon as a hamster it was male, if a parrot it was female.

How do you know a silver arowana wether it is male or female?

In order to know if a Silver Arowana is male or female, you need to look at the size of the fish. The male fish are bigger in size.

How do you know if a raw parrot is male or female?

What do you mean by raw parrot? You can't tell the gender of a parrot just by looking, you need to have a DNA test done

How can you know if a goldfish is a male or a female?

If the fish is male it will be bright and colourful, if it is female it will be quite dull

How do you know if a katla fish is male or female?

Male fish always small but finn is hard

How do you know if a fish coin is male or female?

What exactly is a fish coin?

Are fish male and female?

Yes, there are male fish and female fish.

How do you know if flowron fish is female or male?


What is the gender of parrot?

The noun 'parrot' is a common gender noun, a word for a male or a female of the species.The gender specific noun for a male parrot is cock.The gender specific noun for a female parrot is hen.

How do you find parrot male and female?

in a male parrot, the color on the bridge of the nose is darker and in females they have a lighter color.

What is the name of the male parrot in the film Rio?

The name of the male parrot is called Blu and the female is calledjewel

How do you know if a fish is a male or female?

the females are generally bigger

HOW DO YOU know if your goldfish is a girl or boy?

belly of female gold fish is larger than male gold fish and gill of male gold fish is rough than female gold fish.

How can you distinguish a male fish from a female fish?

The male fish is usually bigger than a female fish!!!!!