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Males are slender,and are larger than the females about 2 times larger, the females look a little like a platy their fins are much smaller than a males. You can keep female bettas togeather, when you buy a male betta the males are generally alone sitting on a shelf in a small container that you would select or pick from.

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Q: How do you know if a Siamese fighting fish is male or female?
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Which stores can you buy a female Siamese fighting fish?

Most pet shops that stock tropical fish will be able to get you a female 'Betta splendens'. (that's its' correct name). I would advise you not to use the name 'Chinese fighting fish' 'Cos they may not know what kind of fish you mean since they do not come from China. If you really want to call it a 'Fighting Fish' then use the name 'Siamese Fighting Fish'. Most folks will understand that.

How do you know if your Siamese fighting fish is a girl or a boy?

Easy, the male has larger fins and tail then the female. Hopes this helps!!!!

How do you know if a Siamese Fighting Fish is dead?

When it is floating not swimming.

How do you spell betta fish?

Exactly as you spelled it in your question; a Betta fish is also known as a Siamese Fighting is spelled "Betta", or its other name, "Siamese Fighting Fish." I know alot about Betta's. :D

How do you know if the Siamese fighting fish is a boy or a girl?

if you put it in a same tank and it murders another fish it is a boy

How much memory do Siamese fighting fish have?

I do not know. I would highly consider asking you local fish veterinarian.

How many Siamese fighting fish in the world?

No idea but I know that they live in fresh water and come from asia!

Why are Siamese fighting fish special to china?

Siamese fighting fish come from the tropical islands of Asia and are nothing special to China. The only connection is in the simple fact that so many people do not know their geography and have Siam, (Which is now Thailand), Indonesia and Malaysia mixed up and call the fish "Chinese fighting fish" in error.

How do you know a fighting fish finished laying her eggs?

you will know when the male begins to chase the female

Where do Betta fish come from?

Betta fish, also know as Siamese Fighting Fish, originated from South East Asia.rainforests in Asia (in mud puddles)!rice paties in china and suronding areas

Why are Japanese fighting fish called Japanese fighting fish?

Because people don't know their real name. They possibly also have got mixed up between Siamese, Chinese, and Japanese. It seems that in the US of A any of those countries are used in conjunction with 'Fighting fish' Its real name is 'Betta splendens' commonly shortened to 'Betta"

How will you know the gender of a fighting fish?

Male fighting fish (betta) have long flowing fins, bright colors, and are larger. Female betta's are small, less colorful, and have short fins.

How do you know if a Japanese fighting fish female or male?

the female beta fish is "plainer" than the male as where the male is a darker shade near the face and lighter shade near the tail.

How do you know fighting fish is a female?

Female fighting fish are usually the drab colored ones (browns and greys.) while the males are usually the flashy reds and blues. There are some more specific things but in general that will do to tell the two genders apart.

Are Siamese fighting fish also called Bettas?

When people use 'common names' for fish no-one really knows what fish they really mean. Betta splendens is the proper name for these Anabantid fish and they are all endemic to tropical asia. All stores should know this and should list all the fish they stock with their scientific name to avoid mixups. The common name should be in brackets after the proper name. Bettas are from Thailand, BUT they also live in the wild in parts of china... there are a few other places but i cant really remember them.. Anyway, chances are your betta was produced in China or it's ancestors were. Wild Fighters come from Thailand so technically its siamese. The store has obviously screwed up or dont know their fish well enough... and that scares me YES, other people like to call thn Siamese fighting fish.. But most pet store workers will know them as Chinese Fighting fish. :)

How can know when female fighting fish is ready to put together with male fighting fish?

She will have a tummy that is rounded as if a tiny ball is inside her. If you keep an eye on them when you put them together you will soon see if she is interested and ready by her behaviour.

How do you know if fish are fighting?

Simple observation. You will either see them fighting or see the damage on the fish that indicates they have been fighting.

How do you know if a fighting fish is a male or female?

The males have the big beautiful fins, and the female bettas have very short fins, and they're colors are much less vivid.

How long does it take for baby female fighting fish to grow?

About 8 days but u never know...I have 8 females that grew so....:)

My Siamese fighting fish is off his food he seems lethargic and his water is cold but i don't know how to make it warm?

One of the many reasons small containers are not recommended by experienced aquarists for housing Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens) is that it is very hard to heat them correctly. They need to be kept around 75F to 80F. Below 65F they could very well die. My advice is to get as large a tank as you can afford and set it up with a heater/thermostat, filter, lights and plants. Your fish will then do well provided you look after it properly.

How do you know if your Siamese fighting fish is tormenting the others?

This is a question that i need to be answered. I personaly am going to ask my pet shop owner but im guessing the fish will swim after the other fish and try to bite them. If this happens take the fish out immediatly and dont put it back in again. DO NOT PUT 2 MALES WITH A FEMALE AS THEY WILL BOTH FIGHT. if their gills go up they are being tormented. ask you pet shop owner he/she will give you more details

Why are your fish attacking another fish?

two Males or two females? they are fighting over territory tring to find out who is the superior one. if 1 male and 1 female i think you know

What are male and female Siamese cats called if not tom and queen?

Breed does not matter as far as I know. A male cat is a Tom and a female is a Queen.

How can you determine if your fighting fish is a male or female?

If you mean a Beta Fighting Fish, Here are some of the characteristics needed to know:The females are less-bright on colors than the males are; the males used colors which are quite vibrant.The males have longer tails and fins.

How do you know if a fighting fish is hungry?

its not upside down