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Some boys are just shy, but if he isn't he could simply smile at you or just say "hi" when he sees you. It isn't likely he's going to have too long a conversation with you because he may feel awkward. It doesn't matter if he likes you - - do you like him? If you like him, and you feel that he is at least interested in you, then you have to get past just looking at each other. Be bold and say hello, followed by a question that he can easily answer. Follow with a compliment on his appearance, grades, athletic accomplishement, (whatever fits.. ). You'll be in a converstion with him in no time, and you will know prettty quickly if he is interested or not.

2006-08-02 20:42:30
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How do you know if a guy likes you if you have never spoken but you see him every Sunday at church and he just stares at you all the time?

It doesn't matter if you have never spoken. He likes you, if he stares at you like you said, he likes you. You should talk to him and maybe go on a date or something.

What do you do if a guy you likes goes to a different school and you never get to see him?

Call him and try to hang out over the weekends with him every now and then.

What are signs that a guy you've never spoken to likes you?

When he's nearby for no apparent reason.

What are the signs that a guy you have never spoken to likes you?

If he stands on his head at full moon and howls at the mooon.

Help this is a new boy in school your friends never tell you but he tells them who he likes but not you?

He likes you.

How would you break the ice with a girl that likes you but have you have never spoken a word to her because there is no chance to?

Just do it bro.

If there is a guy you have never spoken to what will he do to show that he likes you and what if his friends stare at you?

they just look at you and smile and show there interested

If a guy stares at you all the time but you have never spoken to one another does that mean he likes you?

yes maybe he likes yo uit depends what type of person he is

Does a guy like you if he always ends up at the same places as you at school and changes his routes to class randomly just so he passes by you more but is shy and has never spoken one on one with you?

Its cristal clear that he likes you!!!!!

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What are the signs that your chatmate likes you?

You can never tell for sure, but if he messages you every single time you are online it means he wants to talk to you. That is a good indication that he likes you.

What can speak every language but never went to school?

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How do you get a middle school boy that only sees you as a friend to ask you out?

The answer is simple...ask. If you never ask, you'll never know for sure if someone likes you.

If you like a guy and your not sure if he likes you and your too scared to tell him and you have finished school never to see him again what should you do?

Just ask him. If he likes you good. But if he doesn't, you'll never see him again so what's the problem?

How do you tell if a guy you've never spoken to likes you?

The best way to tell is if he step up and specks those words if not its not your job to tell " He has a mouth and his actions will prove so"

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This boy is really nice to me on msn but he never speaks to me at school on stares at me and one of his friends said that he likes me?

Well he probably does.

Can you be in love with someone you have never spoken to before?


Who said a thrown stone and a spoken word once cast can never be recalled?

Horace said "a word once spoken can never be recalled." (Latin)

If at school you've spoken to this girl for 3 days and on the 1st she moves to sit next to you 2nd she plays with your hair and says she likes it same on 3rd also says your names important to her?

She probably does like you. If she plays with your hair and sits next to you, She most likely does. But you never know for sure unless you ask her

How do you nkow a girl likes youbut you go to school in primary schools?

oh boy - you never will figure out women - even when you get "old"

What nationality is rocky from shake it up?

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You like this girl she says she likes you but never wants to go out with you what do you do?

Get to know her ALOT! Talk to her every chance you get , but don't get clingy! No girl likes a clingy guy!! Just text her occasionaly, talk to her in person some.