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Among the things to watch for:

  • If the package is opened, broken or soiled
  • If the expiration date is passed
  • If the condom is dried out or cracked
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Q: How do you know if a condom is safe to use?
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How do you know what time of the month you don't have to use a condom?

There are NO safe days. Use the condom at all times and DON'T have sex during the menstrual period.

Is a balloon safe to use as a condom?


How can you have a safe and healthy sex?

Use a condom

You are on the pill and want to know if you need to use a condom during the green pill phase?

no you are still safe ;)

Is it safe to use a condom during fellatio?

Yes, very much safe.

Is sex safe with vaginal staph if you use a condom?

Yes it is completely safe.

Is a condom still safe to use a day after opened?


How to do safe sex without pregnancy?

use a condom.

Is it safe to use a condom while being pregnant?

Yes it is perfectly safe to use a condom while pregnant. as a mater of fact it is safer as it reduces the rick of picking up an STD.

Are you likely pregnant on the last day of your period if he wears a condom?

Answer I'd say you are pretty safe unless the condom broke. Only you and he know that, but if it didn't break I'd say you are pretty safe as that's what condoms are for, so that you don't get pregnant when you use them.

Is it safe to use teeth or scissors when opening a condom?

Yes its best if you use scissors!!

Is it safe to use sculpey as a dildo?

of course after baking it. put a condom over it :]

Is it safe about 8 days before menstruation?

Yes. If u use a condom.

Are condoms dishwasher safe?

No they are not. I don't even know why someone would ask that question. You should never use a condom twice, let alone dishwash it. No they are not. I don't even know why someone would ask that question. You should never use a condom twice, let alone dishwash it.

During sex if condom broke then use Unwanted-72 its safe or not for unwanted pregnancy?

yes its safe

Without using a condom when can you not get pregnant?

There are no safe periods so always use a condom. A orgasm can make a woman start ovulating again.

How safe is the condom to not come out pregnant?

The condom is 100% safe at preventing pregnancy providing it does not fall off, there are no holes or tears in the condom and that the condom remains on the whole time during intercourse.

Are used condoms safe to use again?

No! You need to use a new condom every time you have sex.

How do you safe from pregnancy?

If you are a male, use a condom. A female, Use a femidom. Or you can take pills to stop the pregnancy.

Is K-Y jelly lubricant safe to use with all condom brands?

Yes, it's perfectly safe.

What moral responsibilities do children have in regards to video games?

To always be safe and use a condom.

Is it safe to release your sperm inside the vagina while youre wearing a condom?

Yes, that is what a condom is for. However, no form of contraception is guaranteed to be 100 percent safe/effective.As long as the condom does not have a tear or leak, it is safe as the sperm will collect in the condom only.

How does a guy know when to pull out?

He doesn't. Tell him to use a condom.

How to have safe gay sex?

You can have safe gay sex the same way you have any other safe sex. Always use a condom to protect yourself from STDs.

Is it safe to wear a condom when you pop her cherry?

yes it is safe just as long as the condom is well lubricated and you go slow