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fuses are located in rear of glove box ,remove appropriate fuse ,or check each one if youre not sure, but only remove one at atime and replace it before removing another. fuses have two flat pin connectors connected to each other inside the see thru fuse body. if fuse has blown the metal connection will be broken inside ,easy to see , replace fuse with one of the same rating as on fuse body i.e. 5,10,15 ,20 etc. . dont know about switches yet .


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probably the switch stuck on. pull out fuse in mean time

Here you go

I've just bought a Peugeot 307 hdi. I took it back because (I thought) the right side reverse light wasn't working. The garage told me there isn't one!

There is one reversing light. There is one reversing light.

What's the question? Yes, a peugeot 106 has dashboard lights.

Parking lights may stay on after a BMW is turned off because the headlight is bad. A faulty relay could also cause this problem.

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There are two backup lights next to the red tail lights.

The warning lights are warning indicators meant to indicate something being wrong. When the lights turn red, it means it is in immediate need of attention.

you must have something wrong with your switches hun,you might want to get an electrician

You need the near pair of the rear lights and a screwdriver to unscrew the screws if you want to change the rear lights on a Peugeot 607.

Where's the fuse situated for brake lights on a Peugeot partner 1998

position lights are your side lights

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they mean something is not right with the vehicle check your owners manual for details

There is no way to safely 4 lights to 3 switches. You can however complete this process by splitting wires.

no. as long as the lights or switches for those lights are not out in the wheather and cann't get wet.

A single or a couple of white lights are fixed to the rear of a vehicle. These white reversing lights light up when reverse gear is engaged, so warning other road uses and pedestrians that a vehicle is reversing.

It has only one reversing light :)

Fuse for rear lights on boxer van

If you attach then to normal switches as well as the centre

depending on the year the Taurus lights will either have switches on the sides, or the switch is made into dash dimmer switch. If these switches wont turn the lights off, check the doors to make sure that the door switches operate properly.

Three way switches do not have a up-on down-off position. With the lights off, reposition the switches so that the handles are all down. This is the start position and depending on how you enter the room and turn on the lights certain switches will be left up when you leave the room. That is just the design of the switches and for the asthetics of the look, all handles down the lights will be out.

you haft to remove the bumper first to get to the bolts holding in the lights

Changing the dashboard lights from orange to blue in an 05 Peugeot 206cc is rather easy. Make sure you have the blue lights ready. Simply lift the hood of your car and unscrew the lights from behind, and replace them.

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