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yup u feel bad very bad.... this is how you feel like. if its on summer and its extremely hot but somehow you feel cold and scared that means a ghost is next to you. or you have those strange feelings that someone is watching you.

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Q: How do you know if a ghost is around?
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How do you know when theres a ghost around your area?

There is this really cold wind that blows all of a sudden.

Ok someone apparently has a ghost of a teenage girl that follows them around that does not know it is dead and is afraid of that person why would a ghost follow someone that it fears?

Maybe the ghost is shy? It may have a reason against the person.

How do you know if a ghost is evil or nice?

many people don't know but if you wanna check use ghost radar,if the ghost green or yellow it mean the ghost nice,if the ghost red or blue it mean the ghost evil

Can a ghost haunt a person?

A ghost IS a person. If they like you, and want to be around you... sometimes they stick around.

How do you know if a ghost is in the room?

There never will be. Therefore, you will always know if a ghost is in the room, because you'll always know there ISN'T.

How do you know if ghost are alive?

Ghosts are dead, hence them being a ghost.

What is the fear of ghost?

To me, the fear of ghost is not knowing that they are there. I am not scared because I know some ghost would do nothing to hurt you.

How do you find out if thears a ghost in your hous?

9/10 times you'd actaully know if you had a ghost in your house, there would be bangs, objects being moved/thrown around, cold spots etc ....

How can you know if a felt a ghost?


How do you know if you are going to be a ghost?

you don't

How can you tell a ghost is around?

you cant

Can ghosts bring gifts to people?

no- ghost can not bring gift to people because a ghost is someone dead. but a ghost can actually give someone they dont know a nneklese they have or something and so the ghost tells the person to give that to someone the ghost knows so that person the ghost knows can know that the ghost is sleeping in peace

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