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How do you know if a ghost is around?

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yup u feel bad very bad.... this is how you feel like. if its on summer and its extremely hot but somehow you feel cold and scared that means a ghost is next to you. or you have those strange feelings that someone is watching you.

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How do you know when theres a ghost around your area?

There is this really cold wind that blows all of a sudden.

Ok someone apparently has a ghost of a teenage girl that follows them around that does not know it is dead and is afraid of that person why would a ghost follow someone that it fears?

Maybe the ghost is shy? It may have a reason against the person.

How do you know if a ghost is evil or nice?

many people don't know but if you wanna check use ghost radar,if the ghost green or yellow it mean the ghost nice,if the ghost red or blue it mean the ghost evil

How do you know if a ghost is in the room?

There never will be. Therefore, you will always know if a ghost is in the room, because you'll always know there ISN'T.

Can a ghost haunt a person?

A ghost IS a person. If they like you, and want to be around you... sometimes they stick around.

How do you know if ghost are alive?

Ghosts are dead, hence them being a ghost.

What does it mean if you see a ghost of Satan?

That depends on how you know it was a ghost, and how you know it was Satan's ghost. People who claim to have seen a ghost do not - generally - know whose ghost it was. Those who believe in ghosts tend to think that they are the spirits of dead people. Those who believe that Satan exists would say that Satan is neither dead nor a person, and so cannot have a ghost.

Can ghosts bring gifts to people?

no- ghost can not bring gift to people because a ghost is someone dead. but a ghost can actually give someone they dont know a nneklese they have or something and so the ghost tells the person to give that to someone the ghost knows so that person the ghost knows can know that the ghost is sleeping in peace

How do you find out if thears a ghost in your hous?

9/10 times you'd actaully know if you had a ghost in your house, there would be bangs, objects being moved/thrown around, cold spots etc ....

What is the fear of ghost?

To me, the fear of ghost is not knowing that they are there. I am not scared because I know some ghost would do nothing to hurt you.

How do you know that ghost a ghost is in your house?

well so you could know there is ghost in your house or not is that try to use a camera at night and see if you find anything. also if you feel cold air next to you that means its a ghost it might not be one but it might be. I believe that there is ghost because I know people that seen ghost for real. it is really freaky but you got to find out the truth if its a ghost or not so that you don't have to worry to much about it.

How do you know when a ghost is haunting you?

You know when a ghost is haunting you its energy makes things move or turn things on an off an you can feel it.

Do animals know when there are ghosts around?

Cats do have a sixth sense. I know this because my cat told me that there was a ghost in my room. I had a ghost in my room because my friend and i were using a ouija board in my room and the ghost didnt want to leave and my cat could tell that. So anyone whos says cats don't have a sixth sense are liars.

How do you know if you are going to be a ghost?

you don't

How can you know if a felt a ghost?


How do you know if your ghost shrimp is a boy or a girl?

a girl ghost shrimp will have pink under her

What is the name of a black ghost Pokemon?

i dont particuly know bit its ghost i think

What is a black figure is it a ghost or a spirit or a demon?

It has to be a ghost or a spirit. That's all I know.

How can you tell a ghost is around?

you cant

Are there any ghost around in NJ?

Yes many places are full of ghost towns!!

How do you know if there are ghosts about?

You can use a compass if there are ghost, ghost have an electric magnetic field that will make a compass spin so you can walk around with a compass or you can walk around with a recorder and try to capture evps (electric voice phenomena) and use that and ask questions to the ghost that you are trying to find and you can see if you get any voices back. they are both hard processes but if there is a ghost about normally your hair on the back of your neck will literally stand up

Is Their Any Ghost?

yes there is definetly the Holy Ghost is the only ghost. if you don't know who that is go to Barnes and Noble and ask for a Bible.

What happens if you anger a ghost?

Call the ghost busters. They'll know what to do. Actually, just make friends with a bigger ghost and then tell them to scare the crap out of your ghost poltergeist.

She is invisble tooth fairy you saw her you were scared cos it was a ghost?

it wasn't a ghost it was me..................... i know where you live!

How do you know if you see a ghost?

If the dudes is in a big white blanket and goes "My name is Casper"! Then it is a ghost.