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if she is talking about u behind your back always looking at you

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Q: How do you know if a girl likes you or if she is just really nice and does not really have intentions of liking you?
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Your sister blew all chances with a girl what are you to do?

Apologise on her behalf and hope for the best. If a girl really likes you, no sister is gonna stop her from liking you.

Why does a guy starts avoiding the girl inspite of he liking her when he comes to know that the girl also likes him?

he's probably just really shy

What does it mean when a girl blushes when you joke about liking her?

It means she likes you

If a girl waves at you with her hand and fingers does that mean she likes you or not?

not really some girls do that with with out liking the guy they wave to. if she did it real sweet then maybe.

What are the signs of liking a boy or girl?

if they are picking on you that means he or she likes you or if they tell you

What does it mean when a boy stares at a girl butt?

That he can't help it or that he has ill intentions

How do you make the girl you like start liking to talk to you?

well im a girl, and to make a girl start liking to talk to you i say that you should start talking to her friends try to figure out what she likes. talk to her about what you like and try to get her interested but make her laugh try to make it really fun for her and if she likes you shell probably do the same. m@libu b.

How do you trick a girl into liking you?

You can't really 'trick a girl into liking you' but you can always try to find out what she wants and try to be what she looks for in a guy.

Dream about a girl that likes you you were wrestling guy that likes her that means?

If you dream that you are wrestling with a guy that likes this girl who likes you, then it means you want to keep her liking you. Whether or not you like this girl back, you are subconsciously in competition with this other guy for her affections.

What if the girl you like likes you and this other kid but likes the other kid more?

well you probably think she likes the other kid more but she really doesnt, normally when a a girl finds out her crush likes them they start liking the kid even more and what you should do is ask the girl if you should date this other kid and shell get jelous and want to date you

If a guy goes on about not liking a girl and just going no way while that girl is there does it mean he likes her?

yea, totally

Why is it that when a girl likes you and she figures out you like her back she stops liking you?

Because girls are idiots!

Get a girl to stop liking your friend?

You can't... I've tryed.. if she really likes him, u cant. but the only reason you would want to do that is if you liked him back ;) [Asker]: Yes,I do

How does a boy make a girl believe that he truly likes her and has no bad intentions?

he loves her long time :)

What should you do if your friend who's sort of a jerk likes a girl who mutually likes you?

well tell your friend to just back of its really just about the girl liking the guy but really nothing to meet with you. #1.... and #2 hello ask her out!!!!!! (you said it was mutual) punch him right in the face and ask that girl out b4 its to late then teabag his dead body.

I like a guy but he likes a slut What should I do?

if he trusts you, tell him what you think about the girl he likes. if he doesnt stop liking her then, try asking him WHY he likes her. it might get him thinking...

What do you do if your best friend likes who you like?

stop liking the guy or girl that yall both like

What should you admire?

A boy that you have been crushing on and liking for a while and he/she likes you it will depend if your a boy or girl

What does a girl mean when they say that they know someone who likes you?

They are most likely talking about themselves liking you.

What is a good song about liking a guy that every girl in the school likes?

"you belong with me" Taylor Swift

How do you talkto a guy you like if he likes another girl?

Talk to him in a way that is not so obvious that you want to be with him or that if he should stop liking the girl that he likes.... idk what ever you feel is right !

Can popular boys be shy at liking a girl?

Oh, yeah. Don't worry, if he likes you he'll get over it.

What does it mean when a girl says she likes my pupils?

The girl could be implying by saying she likes you pupils that she really likes you eyes.

I really like my best guy friend but im pretty sure he likes another girl should I stop liking him?

dont stop likeing him just because he likes sombody else, if you like him you should try and give him little hints that you like him to see if he likes you

What does it mean when a girl gets jealous of you liking other girls and she just got back together with her boyfriend?

It just means she wants to be able to have you like her despite her being with someone else and her not really wanting you. She likes being the sole object of your affection and gets jealous when your interest is elsewhere yet she has someone else and has no intentions of being with you - pure selfishness and vanity.