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You can tell they're pregnant by them eating and drinking a lot. They will also not let you rub their belly.

My guinea pig is pregnant right now and her belly is getting a pear shape. You can also feel the babies move and see the babies move.

You usually can't tell too much until they start getting a lot more pear shaped.

Their teats also become larger and more prominent, it is usually about half way into the pregnancy (roughly 1 month) that you begin to notice that.


my guinea pig is pregnant and i think it is the last week of pregnancy and if i put my hands under her belly and make my fingers touch i can feel the piglets moving

P.S. its so cool

I think my guines pig is pregnet and her teats are really long and they scare me and i need to know when they will be born or do they do anything to tell you that there coming??!

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------When the babies are coming the female guineapig will let off a grunt that it has never done before when this happens the first babie may have allready been born or is being born and there is no sure way to tell if your guinapig is pregnant unless it has grown a lot and has a pear shaped belly.


well i got my guinea pig from enouther owner because she couldn't look after her any more i got the girl but she was with a boy and it has gone 2 weeks since then and she is getting really big and eats loads drinks loads and has some really wierd eating habits. And sometims she actually nearly attacks my other to too female guinea pigs they wake me up in the night and cry where my other one ( the one i think is pregnant) has attacked them i have to put them in a spare cage. i am getting really worried can i have some help please.

you wouldn't notice for about 4 weeks but gradually its tummy gets bigger
here are signs that your guinnea pigs pregnate. When guinea pigs are pregnant their nipples don't start to enlarge until the last few days and labour, so you shouldn't have to worry about her being pregnant. It would have been careless for the petstore to keep males and females together as well. I will provide for you a list of the weekly signs of pregnancy.

Week 1 No signs

Week 2 Sow may start drinking more

Week 3 Sow will start gaining weight, there will be a tightening of the abdomen muscles.

Week 4 An experienced breeder will be able to feel small foetuses

Week 5 Sow usually looks noticeably pregnant, taking on a rather rounded appearance. You will be able to feel the outlines of the foetuses.

Week 7 You will be able to feel 'quickening' this is when the babies kick

Week 9 It may become difficult for the sow to move around but she should still be active and eat and drink as normal.

The pelvic bones will separate sometime during this week

Week 10 The babies will be born

Best of luck with your guinea pig!
Your guinea pig will begin to look like an eggplant in shape. Later on, you can gently feel the babies. Her nipples will lose the hair around them before birth.
It will get fatter and it's behavoir will change. Maybe take it to the vets if you are worried. If the guinea pig has come into contact with a male guinea pig recentley and the boy has not been neutred it may be pregnant. This is really dangerous if the guinea pig is over 1yr old. Please take it to the vet if it has come across a boy over the past few days! Hope this helps Laura
when babies start popping out

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Q: How do you know if a guinea pig is pregnant?
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Is it ok to put a pregnant guinea pig with a non pregnant female guinea pig?

When I got my guinea pig, we didn't know she was pregnant, so about a month later, my sister got one that wasn't pregnant. It was a little less that a month after that that my guinea pig had 2 babies. During that time, though, Molly, the pregnant guinea pig, was acting very territorial, and Milly, the non pregnant guinea pig, was staying by herself and not having anything to do with Molly. So make sure that if you put a pregnant guinea pig with a non pregnant guinea pig, that the non pregnant guinea pig is a girl, or else there WILL be trouble.

How do you know if your guinea pig is pregnant?

You know if your guinea pig is pregnat when their stomach gets wider and sags down.

How can a female guinea pig get pregnant without mating with a male guinea pig?

not possible (as far as I know)

Is my guinea pig pregnant?

How would anyone know.

Can a girl guinea pig get pregnant with a boy rabbit?

No the guinea pig will no get pregnant.

Can a guinea pig get pregnant with out a boy guinea pig?

No, a male guinea pig is required.

Can a pregnant guinea pig live with a non pregnant guinea pig?

Only the guinea pig she mated with but be sure to separate them after birth

Can a guinea pig be pregnant by its self?

A guinea pig can only get pregnant if a male guinea pig has humped it. A guinea pig may have fallen pregnant while it was in the pet shop or where ever you got it. Now if you think she is pregnant it is important to research breeding guinea pigs.

How many weeks is a guinea pig pregnant for?

A guinea pig is pregnant for about 9 weeks.

Is there a test to tell if a female guinea pig is pregnant?

I don't think there is a test to tell if a guinea pig is pregnant, but a pregnant guinea pig will not let you rub its stomach. If you are still unsure, take your guinea pig to a vet.

Can a boy guinea pig get another boy guinea pig pregnant?

No, only girls get pregnant :)

How long does it take a guinea pig to get pregnant?

The guinea pig can get pregnant in a matter of a few minutes.

Can a female guinea pig get pregnant with a girl guinea pig?

No, not posible.

How old does a girl guinea pig have to be to get pregnant?

The female guinea pig can become pregnant at 2 months.

What do you do when a guinea pig is pregnant?

hi there I'm Chloe Brooks and i own a guinea pig farm so i will tell you what to do if your pregnant female guinea pig is with other female (not pregnant) guinea pigs then its fine and she can give birth to the babies with the other guinea pigs if your pregnant female guinea pig is by her self then she will be fine to give birth to her babies if your pregnant female guinea pig is with a male(s) guinea pig then its best to separate her 2 weeks before her babies are due as female guinea pigs can become dominant and aggressive towards males when there pregnant I hope that your guinea pig will have lovely babies good luck for you and your guinea pig! greets Chloe Brooks

How do you know guinea pigs are pregnant?

You will know if your guinea pig is pregnant if she is VERY large around the tummy. She will also eat and drink a bit more the usual.

How do you feel if your guinea pig is pregnant?

The guinea pig will be heavier than usual.

How do you bathe a pregnant guinea pig?

No and it is better to not because of the stress for the guinea pig.

Why does your male guinea pig keeps on licking the genitals of your female guinea pig?

Your female guinea pig may be pregnant, or the male thinks she is pregnant. This is often i sign of cleansing.

Do you need to separate your male guinea pig to the female guinea pig if ever your female guinea pig is pregnant?

Yes and fast

How do you know if your Guinea pig is pageant?

You mean PREGNANT. It gets really fat.

Will my giunea pig die if it is pregnant and is really young?

Guinea pigs can get pregnant at 2 months old. The younger the guinea pig is the safer it is to get pregnant.

How do you know a guinea pig is going into labor?

You just know when a guinea pig is

Can a guinea pig get pregnant while they are already pregnant?


What does a guinea pig do if is pregnant?

The same thing as if it was not pregnant!