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How do you know if a guy is avoiding you?

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so....its in his face you could tell,by not talking to you or act like you invisible.

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What does it mean when a guy is ignoring you?

He's obviously avoiding you for what reason you already know. That, or you're just annoying.

Is your guy friend avoiding you?

Nope. Lol.

When a guy is nice about avoiding you how does he go about that?

He don't like you

How do you know if a guy likes you and started avoiding you as he know that you are engaged?

He probably doesn't want to get in trouble with your fiancee and possibly ruin a soon to be marriage. You should ask him, there is no harm.

Why does a guy starts avoiding the girl inspite of he liking her when he comes to know that the girl also likes him?

he's probably just really shy

How do you stop loving a guy you know you can never be with?

time. just let time pass and pretty soon you'll be into another guy try avoiding him if you can that way he won't be on your mind so much

Why is my guy friend avoiding me all of the sudden were really close and its scaring me?

well that's hard to say....he may like you because i was really close to a guy and all of a sudden he was avoiding me and i asked one of his friends and he said that the guy wanted to go out with me and he was embarrassed around me. you should go ask him or one of his friends why he is avoiding you.

My guy friend is avoiding me i like him but he doesnt know that plus he has a girlfriend help?

sit him downn and tell him i need to tlk to you..nd tell him how u feel...that easy

How do you know a guy is avoiding you?

He wont talk to you. If your walking with or without people he'll look away and act like he didnt see you, he will also ignore you if you try to talk to him.

You and this guy really like each other and his friends tell you he likes you but recently hes been avoiding you your going to university soon and need to know what to do why's he doing this?

He really loves you, but he might be avoiding you because that is what boys do when they like a girl. Just go and ask him out directly!

Why would your guy friend be avoiding you?

Cause hes afraid he might really like you .

What does it mean if the guy is avoiding your messages and you?

it means he doesn't like you. come on, isn't that obvious?

A guy you like found out and now he is avoiding you what does this mean?

He either: Likes you back and is nervous about it Or he doesn't like you back and doesn't know how to tell you It pretty much depends on his body language

How can you tell if a guy doesn't want to be friends with you?

you can tell if a guy doesn't want to be friends with because maybe hes avoiding you or hes not speaking to you

What do you do if a guy avoids you?

If a guy you like starts avoiding you, then it probably means he is shy, or is playing with your emotions to see your reaction. There is this guy that likes me and I like him too. He will smile at me and lift his eyebrows. But when I'm with another guy he gets shy and kinda jealous. The best advice I can give would be to just go to him and talk to him. Tell him how you feel and ask him why he is avoiding you. Hope this helps!

What does it mean if your girl friend seems to be avoiding you and always is with some other guy?

She's just not in to you

How do you know if a guy hates you or just misses you?

If he is avoiding you then that's probably a sign he's not missing you. But hate is a strong feeling, ask yourself did you do something worth being really upset over it ?

How do you know if your crush is over you?

if he/she is avoiding you or isnt close anymore.

How would you know if a guy avoiding his feeling fo you?

Someone can know about someone's feelings from what they tell other people and what they secretly talk about other people. People who hide their feelings may be rude to people on their face, but will talk about their admiration in other circles.

How do you know he's not into you?

well the most obvious way to tell a guy isn't into you is by him ignoring you. if he shows no interest when hes around you then that's a dead give away. also if he is making up excuses to why he "cant hangout" then that's a sign that he is avoiding you. move on and find a guy that likes you for you ( :

What are the ways of avoiding the dangers associated with lightning?

I Don't Know :P

What are the release dates for Guy Code - 2011 Avoiding the Friend Zone Social Networks Cars Contraception 1-4?

Guy Code - 2011 Avoiding the Friend Zone Social Networks Cars Contraception 1-4 was released on: USA: December 2011

How do you know wen a guy in avoilding you?

well it depends if Ur txin n he doesn't reply he is probably busy so say something to catch his attention .in person is another thing if your calling his name and he doesn't answer you and you know he heard you hes probably avoiding.

What to do when your best friend suddenly starts avoiding you?

If your friend suddenly starts avoiding you then obviously something is wrong. If there avoiding you then invite them to your house to hangout and then talk to them about whats going and tell them know matter what it is you'll help them through it.

You told a guy you liked him and he kinda avoided the comment but he acts like nothing ever happed What is going on?

It simply means he didn't have a crush on you. He doesn't know how to tell you, so he's avoiding telling you at all.