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How do you know if a lesbian in your class has a crush on you?


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If she stares at you an talks to you differently then others


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you have to come out to her, Im not sure if you know this girl is also a lesbian or if you have no idea. In the event you dont know if she is lesbian or not you have to come out to her.

It is very simple if you want to know is your crush likes you. It could be a blush every time she/he is near you. Also if they can not stay away from you or if you catch your crush staring at you all the time in class and is not trying to look at the board ( if your in school). Then you know you crush might have a crush on you too.

If she's really a lesbian, then she can might be able to have a man-crush on you (also called a "bromance"), but not an intimate or romantic crush.

yes if that is what they like because that might be there nature in life

I find this question confusing, as you say you are a lesbian and your friend is gay...yet you are attracted to each other..

No! First why would you ask that??? Second she has a major crush on Sonic in case you have not noticed. No Amy is NOT a lesbian!

Hah sorry to say this bud but you’re screwed. If she is lesbian she isn’t attracted to men, and that’s that.

She tells you that she is a lesbian.

If you are in chemistry class, and rachael gives you a nuaghty look, then its chemistry.

u tell her/him immediatly but dnt do anything the teacher could go to jail for rape on a student the best thing is to get removed from the teacher(s )class

No, because she has a huge crush on Alek. Lilit, however, has been confirmed by Scott Westerfeld to be either lesbian or bi.

Stay confident, let people know your lesbian or bi. smile give them the im lesbian too smile if they dont know your lesbian or bi how they gonna be interested in you Stay confident, let people know your lesbian or bi. smile give them the im lesbian too smile if they dont know your lesbian or bi how they gonna be interested in you

A lesbian is a woman who is attracted to other women. Like the way a girl would have a crush on a boy, a lesbian would have a crush on a girl. So I suppose yes, a lesbian couple is two girls, two girls who are a couple - just like a man and a woman.

If she eats pussy...she is a lesbian (or bisexual).

No, Ino has a crush on Sasuke during the early parts of the show and manga.

Grab your friends boobs. If you enjoy it, your a lesbian.

nothing will happen to you if you are ten and your lesbian or bi im lesbian and i found out at ten I'm now thirteen and i told my parents the weekend after i found out they were totally supportive and now all my class know and right now i got a girl friend call Alexa

I am not quite sure whether Katie is a lesbian or a homoromantic bisexual, but she definitelly does have crush on girls and her chemistry with Natalie Dormer for instance is pretty sparkling.

From talking with her and interveiwing her,I know that Queen Latiffah is a lesbian..

You know when your a lesbian, if your constantly checking out girls or wanting girls.

Double D is a boy, how do I know you may ask? Well, Sarah had a crush on Double D, calling him her "Boyfriend". Unless you know, she's a lesbian and likes women... Also, one of the Kanker sisters I believe have a crush on Double D so unless she's a lesbian, Double D would be a girl. Lastly, would be the fact he gets nervous around Naz (Like almost every boy on Edd, Ed, and Eddy do..) So your true question is "Is Double D a boy, or a lesbian."

Only she can answer these questions. Ask her, if you and she are truly friends then you need not be afraid to ask.

of course! their the same as you are, just lesbian <><><><><> Ofcourse you should you should be proud to know somebody that is a lesbian proud that you know somebody that is different

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