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If he has been making eye contact with you and obviously making himself available we you are around, then you should say hi and see what happens. It is usually safe to ask someone to lunch or a public gathering, perhaps with other friends to get to know them better and see if the chemistry is working.

AnswerThere are very distinct signs when a person is attracted to you like flirting [more than just friendly flirting], constant complimenting.. when someone starts paying more attention to you, if your with the person and they gently touch you like just brush their hand against yours. I don't really know how to explain it further than this.. you just know!! =) AnswerHe will go out of his way to see you and acknowledge your presence. He will compliment you and make you feel special. He may give you little tokens of affection and he definitely will have and eye on you, too. AnswerStrike up a friendly, casual conversation with him and then look at his eyes. Are his pupils dilated? If so, he likes you.
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How do you know when your man is attracted to other women?

He has a pulse.

How do you know if you are a lesbian if you were married to man for 20 years?

If you are attracted to women after being attracted to a man, then you are most likely bisexual, not a lesbian.

How do you know if a gay man fancies a woman?

A man who identifies as gay is attracted exclusively to other males. He would not be attracted to a female. It is also impossible to tell for sure if somebody is attracted to someone else unless they tell you.

Should you stay with a man you are not in love with or attracted to?

Why would you? Would you stay with him if he is rich? What else can you do? Does he want you to stay? Does he know you are not attracted to him, or are you pretending to?

How can you tell if an older man is attracted to you?

he'll flirt and when he makes his move you'll know it

Can a man be attracted to a man?


If you know the man you are with is not attracted to you should you end the relationship?

I think you need to ask the question, Why is he with me if he is not attracted to me, and also, ask yourself, Why do I want to be with someone who does not find me attractive?

Why women attracted easily to a man?

Women should really be attracted to man. A woman should not be attracted to another woman.(lesbian)TheSame thing as a man should not be attracted to another man.(gay/homosexual). Why are women attracted to man. Because, it is most likely for a man to meet the emotional needs of a woman. Although most of the times it leads to deeper relationships.

I never been with a woman or man and am 31 don't know if im gay?

Deep down, you know if you are gay or not, because you do not need to have sex to know what you are attracted to.

How do you know if a guy likes short or tall woman?

if your tall and the man is really attracted to you you'll know. if he recoils at the sight of a short woman you'll know.

Can a gay man be attracted to a girl?

No, the definition of "gay man" means that he is not attracted to girls, other than as friends.

What is a gayboy?

A gayboy is a man who is attracted to another man these people are just called gay.A gayboy is a man who is attracted to another man these people are just called gay.

How do you know you look good?

If the person you're attracted to, is attracted to you.

Why would a man be attracted to another man?

because he is gay

Are attracted to a guy he thinks you are married but you are separating?

If you are attracted to a man and he thinks that you are married, you can let him know that you are currently separated from your spouse. Technically, that means you are still married. He might be waiting for you to be permanently separated.

What does it mean when a man is gay?

When a man is gay it means he is attracted to other men rather than being attracted to women. The correct term for someone who is attracted to a person of the same sex is homosexual.

How can a girl be a attracted to man?

A girl can be attracted to a guy in just about any way possible. There is no limit to the ways 2 people can be attracted.

What does batty man mean?

a homosexual man. A man who is sexually attracted to other men

Can a man be attracted to a woman and not know it?

Yes, it's possible. It's all in their mind when they don't know it. Usually, the man suppresses his feelings for the woman so much that he doesn't know he's in love with her, but physically he is, his mind is just holding it back.

How do you know if a married man is attracted to you?

The only true way you will know if a married man is attracted to you is if he asks you out for a drink or comes right out and asks you out on a date. It would be foolish of you to think you are anything special to him if he does ask you out on a date because there are most likely other women he has asked out or will ask out in the future. Dating a married man does nothing for your self respect and is simply wrong. Some married men are just nice and friendly with no plans on asking that person out and doesn't necessarily mean they are attracted to you.

Can a man be attracted to woman but not be sexually attracted to her?

Yes, of course, Attraction denotes liking something. You can be socially attracted, and so on. You could aspire to her this could also mean you are attracted to her.

Are girls attracted to men?

Young girls are definitely attracted to older men but it is completely wrong for an older man to be attracted to a young girl.

Is your boyfriend still attracted to you?

i dont know i am a boy your boyfriend is probably attracted to you

How do gayman attracked straigth man?

If a straight man is attracted to a gay man, then he must not be straight.

How do you tell when a man is attracted to you?

just try to talk with him. If he is nervos to talk to u.Then get confirmed that he is attracted to u.............