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How do you know if a painted parrot fish is male or female?


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male is huge and grey female is colurful

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Parrot fish are egg layers, and thus are never pregnant.

I'd like to know how to be a parrot in the first place?

Answer Parott Fish Sex IDThere are many different kinds of parrot fish- they go through different phases on their way to maturity. In these stages they change colors. Some change sex from female to male. All the "Terminal Phase" fish are mature males.The only way to ID the sex is by type of fish and color.IE the Stoplight parrot fish female,or Initial Phase, is mottled reddish brown mixed with white scales and a reddish belly. The Terminal phase, or male is neon green/darker green scales, pink by the gills,& yellow on the head and tail. Some blue is on the edge of the face and fins. They look like two different kinds of parrot fish. The Reef Fish ID Book by P. Humann lists 13 different kinds of parrot fish with photos.

I don't know, but I believe that a parrot fish was actually is a parrot that once dove underwater to find food and accidentally swallowed a wish fish and was transformed into the parrot fish. And now you ask, "But how are their so many?" Let me answer your question. After the parrot was transformed into a fish, it could grant any wish. Then one day a boy was fishing and caught the parrot fish. The fish begged to go back into water since he was a fish now and said if the boy let him go that the parrot fish would grant him a wish. Any wish so the boy agreed. The boys wish was that the fish would make more of the parrot fish so that the boy could catch more and get more wishes. And his wish was granted. So again I don't know if the parrot fish is toxic to humans but they most certainly grant wishes!

tha myL parrot hole ring around the neck

There are no visible differences between pionus males and females. They can, however be sexed by a vet.

What do you mean by raw parrot? You can't tell the gender of a parrot just by looking, you need to have a DNA test done

Parrot fish are called parrot fish because of their parrot like mouth or beak. They also use their beak to chip off coral and eat. Do you know if they are a herbivore? I don't! You can answer that for me!! lol. jkjk...

if he has a black neck he is male , if he doesnot have a black neck he is a female and if u want to be sure that he is male or female u should let the parrot grow up little and u will find the answer.

Parrot fish eat corals. I'm not so sure they live on coral reefs. I do know there are alot of them around the hawaiian islands because we were feeding them fish food while we were snorkeling.

You can't. You have to wait until it pupates. if it comes out of the cocoon as a hamster it was male, if a parrot it was female.

male painted ladies have smaller abdomens than females yes they do!!

The female gets bigger, there are fish eggs, there are baby fish.

females have larger tails when they are older

The difference between a female or a male is that the female fish is bigger than the male. Hope that helps =D

Female Mosquito fish are larger than the male fish.

When they have reached full maturity, the easiest way to tell the difference between the males and the females is that the males will be brighter in color, and the females typically have a wider girth.

In order to know if a Silver Arowana is male or female, you need to look at the size of the fish. The male fish are bigger in size.

belly of female gold fish is larger than male gold fish and gill of male gold fish is rough than female gold fish.

the females are generally bigger

Your betta fish is a female if she has smaller fins than an average male.

If the fish is male it will be bright and colourful, if it is female it will be quite dull

Male fish always small but finn is hard

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