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There is no straightforward way to tell, just by looking at the coin. To determine a coin's value, you need to consider its denomination, date, mintmark (if any), and condition (wear, damage, cleaning, etc.). When you know these factors, then you can look it up in a price guide. Check out my FAQ page for pricing and grading links :

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Q: How do you know if a penny is valuable?
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What is the most valuable Australian Penny and Halfpenny?

As far as general circulation coins are concerned, easily the most valuable Australian Penny is the 1930 Penny and the most valuable Halfpenny would be the 1923 Halfpenny.

What is the misprint on the penny that makes iut so valuable?

On the 1969 S penny a doubling of the print makes it very valuable ($35 000)

What is the least valuable US coin?


What is the most valuable Canadian penny?

The 1936 "dot" penny, worth about half a million dollars.

What are the most valuable Canadian collector coins?

1936 dot penny 1936 dot penny

What years are the most valuable pennies?

1937 penny

How valuable is a brad penny baseball card?


What is the most valuable penny that is out in circulation?

1969 San Fransico minted double obverse Lincoln penny.

What stamps are the most valuable?

The Queen Victoria, penny-red, plate 77, one penny stamp.

What is the most valuable wheat leaf penny?

are u talking bout what a penny can buy in most states a penny can not buy anything itself

What year is the most valuable wheat penny?

1909s vdb

Is a 1930 king george v penny rare?

If it is an Australian 1930 King George V Penny it is both rare and valuable. If it is from anywhere else, it is neither rare nor valuable.

What year wheat penny is worth 30000?

The most valuable ones are the 1943 copper penny, and the even more rare 1944 steel penny.

Most valuble penny in the US?

the most valuable is the penny in the us has a head on the front and back hope this helped :) :) :) :) :)

What is the rarest Lincoln Penny?

The rarest and most valuable Lincoln cent that isn't an error is the 1909-S with VDB on it. The rarest and most valuable error Lincoln cent is the 1943 copper penny.

What is the most valuable penny worth?

$275000 (1793 Chain cent)

What year wheat penny is most valuable?

1909-S with VDB.

What is the most valuable wheat penny from the 1900s?

The 1909-S V.D.B.

What is the most valuable Lincoln memorial penny date?


What makes a wheat back penny valuable?

Its maid of real copper

What is the value of 1954 Lincoln penny wroth?

same as the rest, if you want a valuable penny you have to go back much further

Is copper a valuable element?

not very valuable, a pennys weight is worth a penny so it takes lots to make much money.

Miss stamped penny?

A miss-stamped penny may be very valuable, especially if it is in excellent condition. Such a coin can be worth hundreds of dollars, depending on condition, year, and the nature of the error. Not all such coins are valuable, and typically it takes a coin expert to determine if a particular coin is valuable or not.

What makes a penny valuable?

Generally, coins are valuable because of the price of the metals they are made from, but if you mean in a collectible way: One thing that makes a penny valuable is the date. They older the coin usually the more valuable. Another thing is the mintmark. For example 1943 pennies with a "S" mintmark are more valuable than pennies with no mintmark. Another thing is the condition of the coin. The less ware it has the more it's worth.

How do I know if my penny is worth?

1944s wheat Penny