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Q: How do you know if a river island jacket is real or fake?
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Does the Yangtze river have a delta?

as far as i know there is a island in the Yangtze river called shuangshan island which belong to zhangjiaggang city jiangsu province.

How do you know if a true religion jean jacket is real?

It should have three tags and first one should have a rn number in back 112170 if not fake this tag by the way is located inside ur jeans or jacket.

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It's the James River also you could know your rivers like this Potomac Please Rappahanack Remember York Your James Jacket

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i do not know i am veryvery very sorry! :) ^well why did you answer then?

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i know that one is the morell river

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your a fake that's why ass

Inlet of a large water body that extends into the land smaller than gulf?

A island

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How do you know is new era cap fake?

you have to look at the stitching and even if there is one mistake on any thing you know it is fake because you cant pay that munch for a fake hat and if you see a hat you know it is fake and you get it reduced and there you go

How do you make a sparkly silver suit jacket in the webkinz clothing machine?

The jacket is confirmed but not discovered. Meaning we know it's out there but we don't know how to make it.