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Well, I'm a guy. Most guys just act different around girls that they like. Perhaps he might do something that you might find idiotic just to get your attention. Just look for differences in his character when he is around you or is talking to you. However, some guys go right out to catch their 'prey'. Avoid these boys wherever possible. They are never satisfied in being in only one relationship and it is most likely that it will end in a failed relationship in a very brief period of time. So, to conclude my answer, with most guys just look for differences in their character when they're around you. Why don't you ask one of the boys that you like's friends for their opinion? I am also a boy in 7th grade. I act weird around girls to try to get there attention. you know this if boys act like morons or get you a gift like earings.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-31 06:13:08
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Q: How do you know if a seventh grade boy likes you?
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How do you know if a boy likes you in 2 grade?

if a boy likes you in 2nd grade he stares at you and he said no mean on that and he said yes oops go that boy

How do you know if a forth grade boy likes you?

if he stares at u

How can you a seventh grade girl tell if a eighth grade boy likes you?

Well, the 7th grade girl should have connections with a group close to that 8th grade boy. If not, make him notice you! Do something spectacular, and start flirting with him.

How can seventh grade boy dance with a seventh grade girl?

take dance lessons

Is it lame for a seventh grade girl to date a sixth grade boy?

no if they like each other my friend likes a 7 year old and she is 11

Will an eighth grade boy ask you out if im in seventh grade?

Sure, a few eighth graders asked me out when I was in seventh grade

How do you annoy a seventh grade boy?

Call him a little boy.

How do you know if a boy in your grade 5 class likes you?

Usually if they tease you or they are mean to you.

How do you know when a 5th grade boy likes you?

Read the "For the Strength of Youth" pamphlet.

How can a seventh grade boy tell if a seventh grade girl likes him?

I'm a girl, and I'm in the 7th grade. What I do is I kind of laugh at everything he says, and always accidently look stupid. And I easily get extreamly jeolous if he is even friends with a girl (who i dont like).

How can a 6th grade boy tell if a seventh grade girl likes him?

Most 7th grade girls I know will go up and ethier smack you on the butt.... Or say I like you or her friends will or she will grab your balls.......not really I was playing on the last part sorry don't judge

How do you know if your in fourth grade and a boy likes you?

well if your in the 4th grade you realy shouldn't be thinking about relationships anyway

How do you know if a boy likes you in sixth grade?

If they knock books out of your hand, or joke around with you.

There is a boy in my grade and i like him but i don't know if he likes me what do i do?

just be urself and smile(a lot).

How can a seventh grade girl impress a seventh grade boy?

well im seventh grade boy and what a guy my age usally likes is for the girl to just talk to him a little bit and ask if he wants to be friends. do friend stuff for a month or 2 and then if he still hasn't asked you out just ask him hell be impressed with how bold you were and say yes then again all guys in the 7 th grade are desperate no matter how popular they are!

How do you get a seventh grade girl to like a sixth grade boy?

If the girl knows the dude than forget it but if she doesn't know him than convince her that he is in 7th

How do you find out if a boy in fifth grade likes you?

just ask him let him know you want to find out

How do you know a sixth grade boy likes you?

He will tease you , do anything to talk to you, blush allot ect

Im in the 4th grade and you like this boy and you dont know if he likes this girl or you what should you do?

ask him who he likes....then if your comfortable tell him you like him.

How can you a 8th grade boy tell if an 6th grade girl likes you?

whats the situation here? i can help if i know how you think she likes you. so answer your own question in response to mine

Can a seventh grade boy love an eighth grade boy?

Yes, neither gender nor age effects "love"

How do you get a boy to like you in seventh grade?

be yourself! look pretty!

How do you make a seventh grade boy jealous?

You are wierd and dumb

Who is the tallest boy in seventh grade?

No one really knows....

Why do the girl does not talk to the boy when she know the boy likes her?

Most of the time, its because the girl likes the boy and maybe because they do the 1st grade thing... its when girls dont talk to guys because they are shy