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How do you know if a seventh grade girl likes you?


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April 13, 2010 9:52PM

Well, I am a girl in 7th grade, and in middle school, most girls want the guys to make the first move toward a relationship. But, if that's not what your after, then ignore that first piece. The real answer:

1. If you catch her looking at you, she may hold your eye contact for a while or look quickly away.

2. If whenever you're around, she acts differently (louder, quieter, constantly fidgeting)

3. If you talk to her her face turns red

4. While looking/talking to her, she twirls her hair, plays with her fingers

5. If while you are talking to her, or standing in front of her, she slowly looks you over head to toe, looks you in the eye and smiles.

6.Her friends tell you she likes you

7. Her friends push her towards you, or make joking remarks about 'boyfriends' directed toward you and her. (ie. "Go see your boyfriend!")

8. She is always around you

9. You may find a note in your locker. (WARNING: It may or may not be from her)

10. She says, "I like you."

Hope it helps!