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How do you know if a shy guy that knows that you like him starts staring at you like you?


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sure if i were you i 'd make out with him to break the ice


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he'll probaly know that your staring at him because people can feel when someones staring at him or her i knoiw i can

well him staring at you, may just be because of the fact that he knows you like him. maybe ask him out if you like him so much, but dont feel to embarrassed or hurt if he says no, cause if its not meant be... then its not meant to be! :)

Who knows! I like cheez-its. Stop staring at me. *explodes*

If he is flirting with you. like pushing you around, throwing stuff at you, staring at you. and he knows ur not interested in him but he is trying to make you interested in him.

they might like you, but the only way to know is to ask them why they keep staring

They could now if they like you bye always staring at you and smiling at you to make you now that they like you.

she would like you if you look nice,smart,staring at you and laughing

He like u or he has staring problems. Jk he like u

seriously, probably nothing. staring is overly analyzed when it usually doesn't mean anything. Oh if you mean you were staring at boy (presumably that you like) and he looked at you, then he may have felt like someone was staring at him and he wanted to know who it was. Hey don't stare too much or he might get annoyed or think that you like him...on a second thought, keep staring. lol.

usually if they are "always" staring at you or they "flirt" with you. then about 99% of the time it means they like you

you will catch him staring and then pretending to look away my best friend's bf is like that

Ask her out or tell lots of ppl. Then they'll know. mostly by staring

they are always staring at you and telling there friend you are ugly but they know that the LOVE you

Stay friends!! Dont risk ruining your friendship. If she starts to feel the same, I'm sure she will let you know. Don't rush!!

It is very simple if you want to know is your crush likes you. It could be a blush every time she/he is near you. Also if they can not stay away from you or if you catch your crush staring at you all the time in class and is not trying to look at the board ( if your in school). Then you know you crush might have a crush on you too.

They are thinking about the girl they are staring at.

You may feel like someone is staring at you and look up to find a cute girl with her eyes upon you. This may be a sign she likes you and wants to get to know you.

The guy that knows you like him probably is sort of shocked and is scared that he might say the wrong answer. If he keeps staring at you then he really likes you but doesn't know what to say. Like I said I am not an expert but i think you really need to go ahead and ask him. To me, he seems confused and most likely thinks that you are maybe joking with him or just trying to get another guy jealous. ;) Good luck!

This is one of those questions everybody asks. Nobody really knows this. Maybe their religion in the end world is that it is illegal for you to stare...

If you are staring at her because you find her intriguing or attractive, then there is a high chance that you do like her. However, if you liked her, you would probably know this yourself. Give it time, and you will see what you feel.

yea....i mean if he keep on noticing you staring at him, he might know that you like him or he might get too wierded out and avoid you. If you have a picture of him (like a class picture or something like that) keep it on a folder or somewhere safe and look at him at home or at school (but be areful at school) and so that way you could still look at him and he won't know you like him. =)

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