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The male is a lot darker with the spots then a female, and a female is a lot lighter with the spots. The male is 20% smaller that the female due to the females egg laying. Females are also much heavier.

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Q: How do you know if an African Dwarf Frog is a male or a female?
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How do you know the gender of your African dwarf frog?

Look at the circles behind its eyes. If they are larger than than its eyes it is a male. Smaller, female

Are African dwarf frogs dangerous pets?

Only danger I know of is to the frog itself if it jumps out of your tank. Which they will try.

How do you know if your African Dwarf frog has eggs?

I know nothing about these creatures as they are banned in Australia. But using common sense I would expect that, with a little observation one would be able to see something. If the frog is by itself it most certainly will not be producing any young.

How would you know if the frog is male or female?

if it is a female it will be sitting if it is a male it will be jumping

Name a amphibian that lives in the African Rainforest?

I know that a frog lives in african rainforest!

How do you know if a frog is a male or a female if they are already dead?

the females frog will have black eggs in it if you cut it open

Would a kuhli loach eat an African dwarf frog?

i dont know but recently ive been asking around as i have a community tank with 6 danios 6 rummynose tetras 3 swordtails 1 hillstream loach 4 salt and pepper corys and 2 cherry shrimps i want a african dwarf frog and a kuhli loach but i have read up on websites that frogs eat kuhli loaches because they think they are worms(theere food) does any1 know any more info on this topic?An African Dwarf Frog WILL EAT the Kuhli Loach, this is a fact; I witnessed my lone African Dwarf Frog eat my new Kuhli in 1 minute this morning, during her normal feeding hour!!.... I was waiting for her to come out of her cave to give her the bloodworms, Kuhli went in, she turned towards it and gulped him down; then retreated to the back of her cave:( Kuhli was a good three times longer than the frog, and MUCH BIGGER than her standard bloodworms...

How do you know if a grass frog is a male or female?

One is a different color.

How is can you tell if a leopard frog is a female?

Well if your leopard frog croaks well its a male.Sorry but i only know that much.

Can African dwarf frogs be in air?

No, frogs don't know how to jump. What a ridiculous question.

How do you know if a water frog is male or female?

A male has a dick and a female doesn't. Just like real life.

Do African dwarf frogs carry salmonella?

i heard it at my local petstore but i dont know if its true

What do you know about the forearms on the frog?

Males use them to hold onto the female during amplexus.

How do you know if a dwarf rabbit is a male or female?

Dwarf rabbits have the same genitalia as other pet rabbits. The only way to know for sure if a pet rabbit is male or female is to examine the genitalia. See the related question below for details.

Why is the african painted frog endangered?

all i know is that they havent been seen since 1950

How do you know if a dwarf hamster is a male or female?

turn it on its back if there are two bumps it is a boy if not its a girl

How do you know if a frog is female?

Males tend to have much larger, fleshier thumbs. That is how they hold onto her.

How do you know when a female dwarf hamster is pregnant?

She will get a little fat and she will eat more and drink alot of water

What is the lifespan of an African Dwarf frog?

I have seen several sites that said 5 years and one that says they knew someone who's frog lived to be 18. so you never know. im thinking if u keep ur pet happy and clean and healthy it will live long if not it might die sooner. hope this helped

How do you know the difference between a girl and boy underground frog?

You can tell by the size, male underground frogs tend to be much larger in size then a female frog!

Who was first African American female on television?

your mother u know the porno

Do African dwarf frogs blink?

Yes. All the living things I know of except fish blink. Hope I helped.

Can you put a dwarf frog and a Siamese fighting fish together?

I don't know the answer myself, but I can suggest that you find a pet store that sells exotic pets like those and ask them. They should know. All betas are different. I have put a beta with a dwarf frog and my beta destroyed the frog. However I do know a few people who have been able to put different frogs into the same tank. I currently have a plecostumous in the same tank and he's been alive for about 4 months now (new record!). It all depends on your beta, the only way you'll know is if you try it and your frog either lives or dies.

How do you know if your dwarf rabbit is male or female?

You can find out whether your dwarf rabbit is male or female in the same ways that you can find out whether any pet rabbit is male or female -- dwarfs are no different from other rabbits in this sense. See the related question (linked below) for details and links.

How do you know when a female hamster is in heat?

I was told by my vet that they don't usually go into heat, it depends if you have a female on her own. I have a female Russian dwarf and she lives on her own and the vet said she wont go into heat.