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How do you know if another car's gauge cluster can be swapped into your own car?

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Call your dealer or Junck Yard and ask them if your cluster is interchange with another year. For example Jeep Cherokee is interchange 2000 to 2002 for the cluster but for ac/blower resister is interchangable for, 96-2001. O hope this help youSuleiman

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Honda fuel gauge?

A common problem with Honda cars is that the fuel gauge is stuck on full. This problem is solved by replacing the gauge cluster.

Will a 2g eclipse turbo gauge cluster work in a gs spyder?

Yes, The cars are exactly the same body wise.

What controls the electronics inside a 03 chevy silverado such as cruise control gauge cluster radio?

The ECM is what controls all the electronics in a truck. The is what controls it in all cars.

What is a temperature sensor IC?

Depends on manufacturer, but I would say that it stands for temp sensor instrument cluster. some cars have one temp sensor for the computer and another for the instrument cluster

What makes up a cluster?

A cluster is made up of a group of similar things. A cluster can be made up of bacteria, cars, or even chocolate.

When driving among a cluster of cars?

Seek to move ahead or fall behind the cluster to build a space.

How thick is the metal on car bodies?

18 to 20 gauge high strength steel on modern cars and 16 gauge on older cars.

What is another word for collectible cars?

Another name for collectible cars is matchbox cars.

I do not know what an instrument cluster is?

An instrument cluster is what displays basic information in your car. Information like the speedometer, fuel level, care temperatures... etc. Cars nowadays are mostly made with a digital instrument cluster.

What causes my speedometer needle to bounce?

There are three common reasons for this in cars equiped with electronic speedo gauges. #1- A dirty or faulty ground connection on the instument cluster harness. Finding the harness and a wire that grounds to the firewall is a starting point. You may have to improvise a new ground from a point where the ground wire is accessible for troubleshooting purposes if the actual firewall connection is behind the dash or console. #2- A dirty speed sensor or connector. This is usually mounted on the transmission or 4WD transfer case. Try removing and cleaning the sensor and/or connector. This part is usually cheaper to replace than a gauge cluster #3- Poor gauge cluster connections or gauge failure: Try just removing the cluster and cleaning the contacts at the back of the cluster with contact cleaner making sure no cleaner gets on the plastic or in the gauge(s). If this doesn't fix the issue, replacing the cluster may be necessary. To save money, You can sometimes use an old working cluster's parts to just fix yours if you are handy with electronics. Replacing the entire cluster means your odometer mileage will be different and this would need to be reported to the local DMV or DOL before doing the swap. It may actually be illegal to swap clusters in some jurisdictions. especially if the odo mileage is lower in the new cluster) Hope this helps ! *** On much older cars equipped with mechanical cables the cable often got bent and the wire broke or froze in the cable sheath. The cable can be possibly be lubricated to fix the problem.

How do you install a tachometer in a 1991 Honda Civic and which wire is the coil wire coming out of the distributer?

its the blue wire, alot of ppl run it off the distributor, but why, when these cars came with a tach in the Si trim, just splice into the blue wire on the gauge cluster harness

How do you remove the instrument cluster from a 1999 Buick Century?

Try this www.fixya.com/cars/t1147088-instrument_cluster_removal_2001_buick

What is another word for Hybrid cars?

another word for hybrid cars are bunnies

Are 1971 ford torino buckets the same as 1973 ford torino buckets?

yes they are except for fabric, i had many of these cars and swapped lots of parts.

Can you install automatic cluster into a manual car?

Can you install automatic cluster into a manual car? In: Cars & Vehicles [Edit categories]ImproveRead more: Can_you_install_automatic_cluster_into_a_manual_car

How important is the gauge of wire to an injector connector?

The cars computer is calibrated for a certain gauge wire. There is a small amount of leeway allowed. However use as close to original gauge wire as possible.

Can you used a used instrument cluster in your car?

Yes. In that way your car will be more look cooler than the other cars.

Why do you use cars?

We use cars to move from one place to another.

What are cars uses for?

Cars are used for going from one place to another .

What does a cars speedometer measure?

A cars speedometer measures speed. A speedometer is a gauge that displays the speed of a vehicle so the driver will know how fast the vehicle is moving.

What is the anagram for cars?

An anagram for the word cars is scar. Another anagram is arcs.

What is the normal temperature for Nissan z350?

Its the same as most cars.. Just under half way on the gauge.

Where is the fuel gauge located?

The fuel gauge is located in cars. It is used to tell how much fuel is left in the tank. When this gets low the tank will need filling up with more fuel.

Why is the daytime running lamp indicator light blinking on your 1996 Chevy Cavalier 4-cylinder manual?

I think these cars have lamp circuit sensing. It may be caused by a blown lamp or incorrect lamp (wattage). This is only a guess, but I have seen it in other makes/models. Good Luck The DRL relay inside the gauge cluster has been blown. The only way to fix it is to either replace the whole cluster (easiest) or dissemble and replace the DRL relay.

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