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Try talking to one another and take things from there. Don't try to jump into something right away, relax and take things as they come. You will be able to see if there are any existing feelings by the way he treats you and makes you feel.

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Should you have a psychic read your future and see if ex still loves you or will come back?


What does it mean when your ex- girlfriend says that you will still be a very important person in her life and she still wants you to still come visit her family to do family activities?

Basically she still loves you, but she can not denie it, perhaps you may not even know the reason for it. Perhaps she is regretting something. she just needs some time to consloe herself.

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How to move on as he still loves his ex?

well you just go with the flow, if its fate she'll come back.

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Does your ex still love you?

Well if they still live with you or come over then yes!

Why has the nurse come to see romeo?

To give him Juliets ring and tell him that she still loves him even after he killed Tybalt.

How do you know weither your ex still loves you or not?

you'll know if they always still likes to come around, and or they still call you but not as much as they did but still calls just to see how your doin 9 times 10 there still in love with you.

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What do you do if your ex still likes you and you still like your ex but she has a girlfriend?

Tell her that you still have feelings for her and you know she does too. silently walk away. if she actually loves u she WILL come back. and that last answer was so mean.

How do you get your aunt to come visit you even after you asked her to come over?

just explain to her how you feel and that you miss her and if that still doesnt work try to find out why she wont come . hope i helped x

You and your boyfriend broke up you know he still loves you why wont he come back?

he probably doesnt know you want them to come after you. do you still have feelings for him? if your upset hes not coming after you, then that means deep down you still like him. the break up to him means its time to move on. so what you have to do is that you have to go after him.

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She doesnt come back for a whole year because she still loves Emily

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If your ex-girlfriend has a new boyfriend but still loves you was it a good choice for you to tell her that you would be there for her and she could come back to you if this guy doesn't work out?


How can you get your ex to come home to you and his kids he says he still loves you but only as the mother of his children?

tell him, exactly that, sometimes our answers lie within our questions

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God loves us :)

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"Jesus loves me! This I know,For the Bible tells me so.Little ones to Him belong;They are weak, but He is strong.Refrain:"Yes, Jesus loves me!Yes, Jesus loves me!Yes, Jesus loves me!The Bible tells me so."Jesus loves me! This I know,As He loved so long ago,Taking children on His knee,Saying, 'Let them come to Me.'Repeat Refrain"Jesus loves me still today,Walking with me on my way,Wanting as a friend to giveLight and love to all who live.Repeat Refrain"Jesus loves me! He who diedHeaven's gate to open wide;He will wash away my sin,Let His little child come in.Repeat Refrain"Jesus loves me! He will stayClose beside me all the way;Thou hast bled and died for me,I will henceforth live for Thee.Repeat Refrain"Jesus loves me! Loves me still,Though I'm very weak and ill,That I might from sin be freeBled and died upon the tree."

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