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How do you know if it's love?


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March 21, 2008 7:18AM

Sometimes, you'll just know. There are a lot of theories on the matter... Even the mere thought of him/her gives you butterflies. Everytime you hear his/her name a smile graces your lips. You often go brain-missing when you talk to him/her. There are those akward moments where you are both thinking of something you really want to say. Your skin tingles every time he/she touches it. He/she makes you blush over nothing. Even the smallest recognition of favoritableness seems huge to you. Your stomach does flip-flops when you hear him/her say your name. All of those silly love songs start to make sence to you. Almost every thought that enters your mind is about him/her. The thought of leaving him/her or him/her leaving you could almost make you cry. You spend days on end daydreaming of what you wish could be. You hope he/she is in your 'ever, ever after.' Really if you're in love you'll just know.