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You would feel this warm wet substance inside of you

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Any time that fresh semen enters the vagina there is a chance that the woman may become pregnant.

No. You can only get pregnant if semen enters your vagina.

No, a female can only get pregnant if semen enters her vagina.

There are no harmful effects of sex during pregnancy.

They have sexual contact where the penis enters the vagina and sends out semen and sperm

Semen is the clear while sperm is the white. The semen protects the sperm as it enters the vagina

Pregnancy occurs when semen enters the vagina and fertilizes an egg, and then only. If no semen entered your vagina (or the area outside your vagina, since sperm can swim), there is no chance you can get pregnant. The only way this would be possible during oral sex would be if the male had semen present on his mouth before it came in contact with your vagina.

It's irrelevant how the semen end up inside you, if it's fresh and alive it can get you pregnant.

A hymen has nothing to do with birth control. You would still be at risk for pregnancy.

Inside the vagina it can be rinsed out, but once it enters the uterus it requires techniques that are not safe and are not available to the public.

If the semen is infected with the HIV, then it is possible to contract the HIV if infected semen enters the eye area.

Yes it can give the vagina an odor. Semen has a smell and a vagina's have a smell so when that semen is sitting in the vagina, it causes a certain smell. Sometimes a light fishy.

There are tens of thousands of sperm in a single drop of semen, if the girl was to ovulate around the time of sexual contact yes she could become pregnant.

If the male pulled out and ejaculated onto you or something, and you want semen in your vagina, why not just keep it in?

Semen can stay alive inside a vagina for up to five days.

You can feel the semen falling in the vagina, and some may fall out as well.

No; the sperm will raise the pH of the vagina.

If he wears a condom the semen will be in there and if he's not the semen will come out of the vagina and some women feel it. You do not feel the pre-cum though.

Just leave it alone and it will run out on its own. Washing your vagina thoroughly with soap and water will remove semen from your vagina but this will NOT prevent pregnancy.

Pregnancy can only occur when semen enters the vagina and fertilizes the egg. Unless semen from ejaculation reaches the inside of the vagina, the chance of pregnancy is very slim. Even if your partner lost his erection inside the vagina, there is a chance that seminal fluid could have entered the vaginal canal. Pregnancy is a possibility in this circumstance.

Semen comes out after repeatedly putting the penis in and out of the vagina

A girl will only become pregnant if the sperm enters the body through the vagina. If the sperm enter the body orally, there is no way it can enter the vagina, therefore no way she can beome pregnant.